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Why Indian Students Stretch Education Boundaries to Australia?

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Indian students, like youngsters from all developing countries, are enticed by the idea of studying abroad. Being internationally competitive and acquiring advance level degrees are some of the straightforward reasons behind this attraction. Even though the UK and the USA have been the crowd favorites since years, one country with significant increase in the number of Indian students is Australia. Despite of the several racially motivated attacks on Asians reported during the last few years, the country has managed to be among the top three popular choices of study abroad destinations.

Although the pattern of favorite study abroad destination among st Indian students shows drastic shifts over the years, the current trends are strongly pointing towards Australia. According to a recent study conducted on the basis of data collected for the academic year 2014-15, and increase of more than 20% in students enrolling for the state of Victoria was registered in 2015 in comparison to the number of students enrolled previous year.

The re-emergence of Australia as a popular study abroad destination, despite all the distress, is credited to the fact that Indian students feel close to Australia. The friendly relationship between India and Australia over the sports ground, primarily Cricket, is one of main reasons why Indians feel close to home on Australian soil. But that alone cannot be the only motivation for Indian to study in Australia.



So, what is it that is exciting about the country? Why Indian are stretching more towards Australia?

An exaggerated visa red-tape is a standard practice today. American and British visa officials are probably one of the most high-handed officers in the world. They reject a well-completed visa application for numerous arguments that are best known to them. However, this is what works in the favour of countries like Australia. The country has a straightforward, stress-free and economical visa application process that makes it extremely easy for Indian students to get access. The number of student visa applications submitted to Australian high commission last year was significantly high as compared to the applications to any previous year.

Secondly, the cheaper currency conversion factor compared to that of the UK and the USA is also one of the motivating factors for choosing Australia. India, where financial outcomes play a big role in any career decision, hopes to get better value for money while studying in Australia. Managing finances in Australia seem undemanding then the any other popular destination for overseas education.

Another easily overlooked aspect that favours Australia is getting a scholarship. Just look at this situation like this. The chances of you, as an Indian student, getting a scholarship in the USA universities is not more than 10% considering the amount of competition (as in the number of students applying) comes from other English speaking countries. This is like knowing the results even before you appear for the exam. You already know that you are not getting a scholarship support in this situation. So, you turn to countries that are less competitive compared to the UK or the USA. Australia, for that matter, is less populated as well, which truly doubles your chances of getting a scholarship approval. Here, Australia offers a chance of getting a full course scholarship without compromising on the quality and recognition of your international degree.


Moreover, country based research opportunities, wider job market for almost every profession and multi-cultural societies are some gripping factors that compel young Indian students to consider studying in Australia.

Another very interesting observation here is the type of courses popular amongst Indians moving to Australia for the sake of higher education. Apart from the mainstream field of studies, the popularity of vocational courses such as hospitality, hairdressing or commercial cookery has witnessed significant growth. This clearly shows that Australia, as a study abroad destination for Indian students, offers a maze of opportunities in all sorts of industries today. Students have the confidence that a qualification from Australian University, after spending hard-earned money and precious time, will be justified by the pool of post-study opportunities available.

Last but certainly not the least is space for innovation provided by Australia. Indian students are enthusiastic about innovation and are often disappointed by the lack resources available in India. Australia provides the room to carry out their dream of innovation. Students get the practical knowledge and the much-needed space to improvise while they study in a reputed university in Australia.

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  1. Mia

    June 3, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Compared to other countries Australia University welcomes the student from other countries by providing scholarship to student and in such case US and UK reject lot of student visa in argument


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