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Industry Workwear To Match Your Career

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Workwear can be a real ballache for anyone to get right. I think many different career paths require a different wardrobe to suit the needs of the job role. From smart and professional looking to clothing that can protect you during your working day. As the new year approaches many of us can start to think about our careers, perhaps improving them and moving up the ladder, or even having a complete change of career and starting a new job. So I thought I would share with you some of the workwear that matches the career path, if you are thinking about a change or stepping up your game then some of the tips and advice shared could help you.

#1: Working in the great outdoors

Working outside could appear to be the dream job during a heatwave in the Summer, but how about when it’s winter like now, and the temperatures are plummeting? Working outside often means that you don’t get an escape from the elements, and so you need to be dressed appropriately to protect your body and also keep warm. So it’s no surprise that a decent coat should be high on your priority list, and something like the Dickies jackets could work well. If you can, you may also want to think about a wooly hat and a scarf and glove set to keep your head, neck and hands warm. Your fingers can often feel the cold the most, and if you need to be hands on in your job, it could be a saving grace to have them covered.


#2: Working in an office environment

An office environment can often mean that your appearance needs to be smart and presentable. Whether you are customer facing or not, many employers prefer to have this sort of dress code as they feel it better aids productivity. There is some truth to that as mentally you feel dressed for the occasion of work, instead of in some clothes that are comfortable and relaxing to you. Most commonly people who work in an office or customer facing environment would wear a suit and smart attire.



#3: Working in the beauty sector

Ever wondered why a hairstylist has a black uniform? There is actually a few reasons for this. Firstly, it is a neutral and timeless color. It is slimming and looks chic and in this sort of environment it is exactly the appearance you want. But, secondly, standing behind a client the color black gives a true indication of the color of the client’s hair, whereas any other color could interfere with how you perceive the hair color. Beauticians who do nails and other beauty treatments have the same sort of uniform, for similar reasons, except that there is a third reason for being able to keep clean because black shows up any marks. For example, when doing nails for a client.


#4: Working from home

Finally, working from home means you get to decide the dress code. You could work in your pajamas and nobody would no. But you have to think about your productivity levels and your mindset when working from home. So it is a good idea to treat the day as if you were heading out to work, that means dressing appropriately. Of course, you don’t need to be wearing a shirt and tie, but dressing smarter could help your work rate increase.


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