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How Information Technology is Changing The Working World

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The phrase “information technology” is one that might still sound foreign to some, but increases in familiarity with each passing year. In the workplace, classrooms and even on television commercials and shows, we hear people talk about the “IT people” who are responsible for the technology on the campus or site. These professionals have ITIL training that equips them to handle the inevitable issues that arise when computers and humans interact.

What is ITIL?

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of practices that primarily focuses on the best ways to utilize information technology to meet the individual needs of businesses. It is a globally recognized standard, used at every level to tailor the delivery of technical services to best fit a given organization’s business plans. Those with ITIL certification are typically employed by companies who specialize in the trade, matching professionals to companies who need their knowledge and expertise.

This presents a common question: “Who uses ITIL?” A short answer would be nearly everyone. Nearly every American is influenced regularly by the ITIL and those who use it to optimize the output of businesses, educational entities and more. Whether checking a school email account, receiving a paycheck or purchasing an item online, information technology has touched the lives of most in one way or another.



Getting Technical – ITIL Certification and its Many Applications

Becoming certified in the field of information technology can be an excellent career choice for people almost anywhere around the world. While a recent increase in the average salary for these professionals is a driving factor for many people, the benefit of enjoying long-term job security is a highly-coveted benefit for quite a few others. As long as mankind continues to use technology and life necessitate the efficient transfer of information, there will always be a need for trained and experienced IT professionals within the ever-expanding world of business.

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ITIL certification uses a multi-tier approach, allowing individuals to customize the level of education and ITIL training they receive to fit the needs of their prospective career. These tiers are as follows:

  1. ITIL Foundation – A basic understanding of core concepts.
  2. ITIL Intermediate – A more thorough comprehension of these concepts along with an understanding of key practices. It is often considered a stepping stone to higher levels of certification.
  3. ITIL Expert – A solid, working understanding of all concepts and practices.
  4. ITIL Master – A complete understanding of all concepts and practices, suitable for technology management, teaching within the field and other applications.

Each tier builds upon the lessons of its predecessor – making the educational ladder an easy one for most IT professionals to climb. Companies providing training in the areas of information action technology that students will encounter in the workplace test the knowledge of these students with additional modules for each tier. This ultimately results in a certification that is perfect for professionals already working in the field, which can be used to ascend the ranks within that field.

How the Certification Can Be Applied

Far from resigning those who possess it to a limited list of career options, information technology training unlocks a world of professional possibilities. While the focus of any IT training will be within the sector of information technology itself, many corporate, commercial and educational entities now employ IT practices to better serve customers and realize goals.


For this reason, rather than winding up in a corporate computer lab, an IT professional may find themselves working at a major university, museum, department store or even Disneyworld. Truly, the possibilities of information technology in the modern workforce are limitless.

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