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Interesting Aspects of Numerology

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Numerology is an occult science that uses important numbers in our lives to determine our personality and behavioural traits. There are many numerologists and astrologers all over the world that practice this science. Pythagoras is known as the father of modern astrology. People consult astrologers for various reasons that include marriage, big investments etc. Further, other important aspects of numerology include purpose of life, numbers that are considered, life path number, etc.

Numbers have special significance in our life. Our birthdates and birth time hold special meaning in our lives. Numerology is a discipline that studies these important numbers of our lives and the mystic ways in which the numbers reveal certain characteristics and behaviour patterns. There are many numerologists and astrologers in USA as well as all over the world who practice this discipline.

Numerology is not supported by modern science. The development of modern day numerology is credited to Pythagoras. He is a Greek mathematician and often hailed as “Father of Numerology”. According to him numbers are more practical and logical means to understand ones personality traits and hidden talents.


People consult numerologists and astrologers to determine when to make investments, when to marry, when to make any major career move and any other major decision in life. According to astrologers in USA, there are more interesting aspects to numerology. Let us look at them.

  1. Purpose of life: People go to numerologists and astrologers to determine their purpose of life as well as their strengths and weaknesses. They help people identify any major opportunity that would be coming in their lives.
  2. Numbers that are considered: In order to determine the neurological numbers that would be beneficial, your complete name that is given to you when you were born is considered. Apart from that your complete details that are mentioned in the birth certificate, your date of birth, etc. are considered. Even if the woman changes her name after marriage, her maiden name will be considered important.
  3. Neurological numbers: After considering the birth details, the important numbers that are calculated have both positive and negative traits. Both these aspects must be considered. This is because they help in determining the hidden meaning of neurological numbers in relation to various aspects of life such as health, career etc.
  4. Life path number: The numerologists and astrologers in Washington, USA as well as many in India help in calculating the life path number. The life path number can be calculated by taking all the numbers in the date of birth and adding them together. The resultant digits are added again. This continues until you get a singular number from 1 to 9. This number will reflect the general pattern of your life.

Numerology is a very interesting discipline that helps us gain insight into our lives and helps us find meaning to our life. However, you must ensure that you do not rely completely on this science and focus on hard work and logic to achieve your goals too.

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