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Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Tennis

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Tennis has been one of the world’s most popular sports for generations. Professional players often become household names and earn a fortune during their careers. With that in mind, this article will draw attention towards some of the weird and wonderful facts about the sport that most people never knew. Hopefully, the information will encourage more people to try tennis in the future. Regardless of opinions on watching the game, one thing is for certain. Tennis improves fitness levels and helps to work on the cardiovascular system. So, anyone who chooses to take part in the game is going to boost their fitness levels quickly. Also, following the sport can become somewhat of a hobby. Who knows? Maybe some readers will arrange their holidays around next year’s Wimbledon tournament?

The longest match

Anyone who’s watched tennis before will know that games can last for several hours. Indeed, some are played over a couple of days in short sessions. It should come as a shock for most people to learn that the longest professional match ever happened in 2010. The entire game took three full days to complete, but the first round didn’t finish for 11 hours and 5 minutes. The battle between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut seemed to many like it would never end. However, Isner finally won the exhausting game after putting in lots of hard work. It’s easy to see why tennis headbands from Suddora and other top brands tend to sell well during the tournament season. Both competitors looked worn out and soaking wet after that great bout.


The shortest match

Just as there are long events in tennis, there are also plenty of short ones too. However, we have to go back more than 100 years to find the shortest professional game ever. The match happened at Wimbledon in the UK in 1922. It was the final between Suzanne Lenglen and Molla Mallory. Both women were renowned for their aggressive style, and that probably led to the game ending so quickly. Records show the match lasted only 23 minutes, making Lenglen the champion that year. The competitors each had amazing track records up until that point, but Mallory conceded in under half an hour, which is unheard of these days. Lenglen then went on to win a further 31 championship titles during her career.


The fastest serve

It’s difficult to judge the fastest serve ever for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the technology to measure ball speeds didn’t exist until recently. That means there were hundreds of thousands of games in the past where it’s impossible to make an assessment. That said, Samuel Groth gets an honorable mention in the record books for his serve during a match in 2012. The world-famous player managed to hit his serve at a whopping 163.4 mph! Just to put that into context, it’s more than double the speed limit on the fastest roads in the world. It also beats terminal velocity by almost 40 mph. The quick serve occurred during the ATP tour, and it’s been spoken about in tennis circles ever since. Indeed, many professionals have tried and failed to beat that speed in the years since the event.


The most singles titles

Good tennis players come and go, but some people stick around for the long haul. That said, the man who holds the record for the most singles titles will go down in history. American player Jimmy Connors won 109 singles titles in his career, and that included 8 Majors. No other player has come close to beating his score. Connors continued to dominate the sport well into his later years. While some people thought he’d retired, the veteran was still stepping into the court as late as 1996. His Wikipedia page provides some excellent information about Jimmy’s career that all enthusiasts should read. That is especially the case for young people who might not have encountered this man or understood the contribution he made to the sport.

The most doubles titles

Doubles matches are always a little more exciting than singles during professional tournaments. That is because two players have to come together and make their styles work. That isn’t always possible, which is why most partnerships end pretty quickly. Still, there have been a few pairs throughout history that have made the grade. Mike Bryan and his twin brother Bob have 107 titles in total from their doubles career. However, it’s important to note that that figure continues to grow each year. Both of those players continue to impress spectators at some of the most respected competitions in the world. It’s worth mentioning that Navratilova holds that record for women, with Serena Williams coming in second place. However, Navratilova has achieved a total of 344 titles which is over 100 more than anyone else.


The oldest players

Most sportspeople make their money while they are still young. They then go onto trying different careers as they age. It makes sense because training at a professional level can place a massive strain on the body. Also, people tend to have to spend an extended time away from their families, and that’s something they want to change in later life. Right now, Ivo Karlovic is the oldest man in professional tennis at age 36. However, he’s not the oldest player to grace the court during the last few years. Female tennis star Kimiko Date-Krumm is 41, and she still wins matches all the time. While the lady retired in 1996, she made a comeback and is still going strong.  

Well, there you have it. Those were some interesting facts you never knew about tennis. Maybe readers can use the information to win a pub quiz or two in the future? Whatever the situation, nobody can ignore than tennis is one of the widest-played sports on the planet today for many good reasons. The people who make it to the professional level are cutting-edge athletes who give everything to the game. Anyone who wants to learn more just needs to research some of the players mentioned in this post. Enjoy!

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