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Know More About Solar Panel Working

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If you are interested in knowing how solar panel works this article will help you to a greater extent. Understanding the working of solar panel is not a difficult task. To reveal the fact, the process is very simple but their output is efficient. As they don’t involve any complicated process even the kids can understand its working easily. Because of their simple process of energy conversion, many devices were launched which runs with the help of solar energy. The solar calculators can be considered as the best example which implies the reliability of solar energy. Apart from this today there are many solar companies like solar companies San Jose which are engaged in delivering the best solar plant for home and office needs.

Solar Cells

As you all know the main role of solar cell is to convert the solar energy from the sun to electric energy. The radiant that come from the sun are called as photons and these radiates are the important source of solar energy. On the other side, the solar panel system will be made up of silicon. This silicon has various metallic properties and also acts as the electrical insulator. It can be said that the silicon materials found in the solar system is more important for their functioning. The process of generating energy starts when the photon from the sun hits the silicon layer of the solar system. When the photon falls on the solar cell it transfers its energy to the electrons.

Electrical Conversion

Half of the work will get completed when the electrons are set free. To complete the remaining process of energy conversion, an electrical imbalance will get created in the cell. During this process, the silicon atoms which are tightly bounded get split into two types of silicon atoms. And these atoms are named as n-type and p-type silicon atom. The n-type acts as the spare electron and the p-type acts as the missing electron. The missing electrons will create holes leaving the space empty. When these electrons come side by side, the empty electrons will get filled by the spare electron. In this process the spare silicon get positive charge and the p-type silicon gets negatively charged. Thus, as per the electric law, these two positive and negative charges join together by creating an electric field. As the result of this process, the solar energy will get converted into electrical energy. So, there is no any electrical surge problem from the solar energy, if you feel to know more about electrical surge in your  home?



Overall the silicon materials used in the solar panel plays a major role in generating energy. This is the reason why the solar panel which is made out of high silicon content will deliver effective results than the one which is made out of less silicon content. The mono crystalline Silicon panels available in the market are made out of high silicon content and this is the reason why they are used for generating more energy to run powerful appliances. The solar panels are also classified into different types depending upon the amount of silicon content used in them. Whatever the type of solar panel is while shopping them for your needs, you need to choose certified solar San Jose Company for buying the high efficient solar panels which will not create any hassles in future.

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