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5 Little Tricks To Know Who Viewed My Instagram [2017]

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Is it possible to see who views your Instagram posts and pictures? Well, officially, Instagram doesn’t allow you to know about the viewers and stalkers following your posts on Instagram. But there are certain tricks that I have discovered and helps me to know who is viewing my Instagram profile and posts every now and then. However, as a top priority, some place one generally has to know who viewed my Instagram profile.

Who views my posts on Instagram?

While I was on the mission to discover who viewed my Instagram account in the past few months, I came across a lot of sources on the web. Since I am quite an active Instagram user and regularly update pictures and share my travel stories, I always had the curiosity to find out who views my Instagram post on a daily basis?


Don’t you want to know personally about your followers on Instagram?

I am overwhelmed with the number of likes I get to every post that I make on the Instagram. It makes me happy to know that I have a fan following on Instagram. But I always had the urge to who viewed my Instagram story? I wanted to know their names, where they live, what are their occupations and show my gratitude for liking my Instagram pictures and stories.


Are there any possibilities available to know about the Instagram stalkers?

The urge to know who viewed my Instagram photos brought me to the conclusion that there are certain possibilities available that will help me to discover who is viewing my Instagram profile on a regular basis. The possibilities are in the form of mobile apps or applications and they are accessible in abundance in the market.

Apps can help you to discover the followers and stalkers

Can you see who views your Instagram account?

The answer is a big yes. This is absolutely possible with the help of little tricks. Thanks to the spying apps that aid me to keep a track on who is stalking my Instagram pictures, posts and stories. The mobile apps make it so easy and simple to find out who views my Instagram profile the most and on a regular basis.

Are the online stalkers harmful?

You will come across stalkers everywhere in life. The virtual stalkers is a very common scenario in the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other networking sites. The stalkers might be someone who admires you and your posts on Instagram but doesn’t want to reveal the identity. I have always wanted to know such people who views my Instagram free of cost.

 On the other hand, there are harmful stalkers as well. I am particularly concerned with such individuals and wanted a solution for who stalks my Instagram online. Online stalkers can be dangerous as they keep a track of your every movement in real life. Some of them might be so obsessed with you that they will start following you in the reality as well. Hence, it is necessary to stay safe and initiate precautionary measures.

Don’t opt for apps with loopholes and malware

How to see who views your Instagram posts?

The article highlights the same. Let us have a look at the top five applications that has helped me to keep a track of who viewed my Instagram profile. The market is filled with several apps, but these five are considered the best. Don’t get trapped in the apps that are full of malware and security loopholes.

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#Trick 1: Who Viewed Your Instagram app

The algorithm of the app calculates and based on the activity comes with data from the users who have viewed your Instagram account recently. The app provides you with a list of the individuals liked your posts and interacted with your profile. Your query of can I see who views my Instagram posts gets sorted with the Who Viewed Your Instagram application.


The best part about the app is that you can get to know who is the viewer who likes you the most. You can know this based on the likes, comments, photos tagged, messaging and following. You can see up to 200 lists of people who have currently viewed your Instagram account. The app helps you to find out your secret admirers. I have used the app in order to find out who viewed my Instagram profile app.

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#Trick 2: Who Viewed My Instagram profile app

How to see who viewed your Instagram account?

Thanks to the Who Viewed My Instagram Profile app for, enabling you to have a track of the viewers following your Instagram posts and stories. Who goes through all your pictures and posts? Is it your family members, relatives, ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, office colleagues, boss or any secret admirer or a stalker? This app unlocks every detail out there.


The best part of the app is that you can zoom into the profile pictures of the viewers and get to know them and even initiate further communication if you feel like. While using this who viewed my Instagram app, I found out that I have many secret admirers who shy away from revealing the truth that they follow me on Instagram. In one instance, I even found that my ex-has been stalking me on all my travel posts. Such is the power of the app and has been really helpful for me.

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#Trick 3: Social Fans app

This is yet another app that is compatible with almost all the iOS devices available in the market. Social Fans app is not available yet for Android devices. You can easily track all those who views your Instagram posts and follows them. Moreover, you can also get to know about all those who started unfollowing you, although you might be following them.


There are several similar apps available for free on the market. but there are some apps that are filled with bugs and malware and can damage your device. Hence, it is always advisable to download and install only the authentic and the best Instagram stalker apps on your device. Social Fans is definitely one of them. I have personally used the app to discover who viewed my Instagram story.

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#Trick 4: Social Track app

Do I have an app that helps me to identify who viewed my Instagram free of cost? The good news is that there is one app that can cater to your demands without letting you spend a single penny. Thanks to the presence of Social Track app.


Social Track has emerged as an excellent Instagram account monitoring app. This app is the ultimate solution that answers how to see who views your Instagram profile. If you go through the online feedbacks and reviews, you will find that the app has received appreciation and positive comments from the users. Unless and until you download and install and start using it, you won’t be able to analyze the importance of such apps on your devices with an Instagram account and a huge fan following.

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#Trick 5: InstaReport app

Who views my Instagram free of cost? Are you really interested to get an insight into the viewers and followers on Instagram? Well, I have millions of followers on Instagram, especially for my travel posts and stories. Even a few months back, I was really not interested who is viewing my Instagram profile and following me secretly without disclosing the identity.


But, suddenly, I realized that it is because of such followers and viewers that my fan following is so high in the current market. What if I get to get in touch with them personally and communicate to thank them all? I had a clear idea of the fact that Instagram doesn’t reveal the identities of such viewers. Henceforth, I started my own research and found this amazing application that actually reveals me the identities of all those who follow me and view my profile on a daily basis.

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Can I see who views my Instagram pictures?

The answer is a clear yes and all thanks to the third party apps like the InstaReport app, Social Track app, Social Fans app, Who Viewed My Instagram Profile app and Who Viewed Your Instagram app and many similar such apps. When you are downloading and installing such apps, you need to be very careful and cautious.

There are several apps that promise to help you track the stalkers and the followers on Instagram. But in reality, they are absolutely no use. Basically, they are nothing less than scams and instead of doing any good, they will be harming the devices and even infect with viruses and malware. I have used all the above mentioned 5 apps to know about the account holders of Instagram who viewed my profile.

They all are pretty satisfactory to use and are good enough to be downloaded from the Play Stores and installed on the devices. Instead of just reading about them, it is suggested that you must download and install on your device right away and start using it. You will be happy to find out all those who view your profile and follow every post of yours on Instagram.

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