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List of 5 Seasons of Celebrity Cricket League

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Celebrity Cricket League, a famous innovation of Indians that only exists in only India too, league based on non-professional cricketers that held every year since 2011. The platform where all the Bollywood super stars and Indian television celebrities come forward is leaving their genuine professional task behind and gathering at one place to contribute their services to the cricket. Here, we listed total 5 seasons of Celebrity Cricket League in detailed.

Celebrity Cricket League Schedule 2016

Get full schedule of CCL 2016 Here


Yes, cricket a game of gentlemen, and the celebrities are taking deep interest in this game. Must say that directly and indirectly thousands of celebrities take part in Celebrity Cricket League. Opening session of Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) organized back in 2011 and total 4 teams were originally part of this glamorous event.

All the celebrities and super stars of India have appeared magically on the field of cricket and this appearance shows the passion and interest of South Asia as well. Celebrity Cricket League, an event full of beauty, glamour, and colors and last but not the least talent is once again ready to spread its magic across the world.

What Is Celebrity Cricket League?

Come to the point, many of our users are finding the answers to the questions concerning Celebrity Cricket League, what is celebrity cricket league?, is it official or not?, who is getting the revenue of this glamorous league and good news for those confused users because in this article you will get each every everything concerning to the celebrity cricket league.

Celebrity Cricket League us non-professional based cricketers’ event that involves the figures who are professionally connected with showbiz, cinematic and Television industry in India. This is a creative and innovative idea as there is no professional or international cricket involves in it except using them for the branding purposes.

This tournament is based on T20 cricket format after the huge and massive success of limited over cricket. All the existing teams from the very beginning of this tournament as well as including those teams who started their appearance with the passage of time are title by the names of states from which they and aggressive animals as well like Chennai Rhinos is the official name of a team (Chennai) this is the name of states, while Rhinos everybody knows that this is the name of animal that is calm and attacking, but brutal as well.


Total 5 seasons of Celebrity Cricket League have been played so far, Chennai Rhinos won the CCL championship for two times in a row and then Karnataka Bulldozers followed the steps of Chennai and they picked the trophy of CCL two times in a row. After Chennai and Karnataka, Telugu Warriors came out of the 8 teams in 2015 and become the winner of the entire tournament.

First season of Celebrity Cricket League 2011:

The first season of Celebrity cricket league held back in 2011, total 4 teams were the main franchises in the earlier stage of this Idea. Chennai Rhinos won that event beating rest of the three teams. There were only 4 teams including Chennai Rhinos, Telugu Warriors, Karnataka Bulldozers and Mumbai Warriors.

Second Season of Celebrity Cricket League 2012:

After the huge success of CCL T20 event, the celebrity cricket league season 2 was decided to go with in 2012 on year after the pioneer season of CCL. With 2nd session of CCL, two new teams were introducing to the fans of Celebrity Cricket League. These two teams included Kerala Strikers and Bengal Tigers, but Chennai Rhinos once again picked the trophy of Celebrity Cricket League championship and created threat for the upcoming seasons as well.

Third Season Celebrity Cricket League:

In the 3rd season of Celebrity Cricket League 2013, other two teams born named Veer Marathi and Bhojpuri Dabanggs. In this season of CCL, Karnataka Bulldozers won the event and snatched the trophy from Chennai Rhinos. This was the best performance by the Karnataka Bulldozers ever.

4th & 5th Season Celebrity Cricket League:

In the next session of Celebrity Cricket League 2014 & 2015, the fans of Celebrity Cricket League too much interest in Celebrity Cricket League 2016. Karnataka Bulldozers won the 4th season of Celebrity Cricket league in 2014 and then after a year, the rule of KB ended and that was ended by Telugu Warriors that won the event back in 2015.

Celebrity Cricket League 2016

The Celebrity Cricket league 2016 is scheduled to be started on 23rd January, 2016 and will be last till 13th February, 2016. Total 8 teams will take part in this event, Veer Marathi is past now and newcomer Punjab de Sher has taken the place and they will make a historic debut as Punjab de Sher is related to the Punjab film industry.

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