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Live Sports Events You’ve Got To Experience At Least Once

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If you’re a fan of any kinds of sport, then you deserve to take the time out to see it live. More than that, you should take the time to see all kinds of live sporting events. Only live will you truly see the love of the sport on full display. Once you’re there in the flesh, it’s easier than ever to really start to understand why the fans are fans in the first place.

#1: Horse Racing

There’s a good deal of difference behinds the kind of sports we can all take part in and spectator sports. With spectator sports, there’s a whole culture that tends to build up around them. With horse racing, it’s about the socializing as much as it is the race itself. You don’t have to hit up the biggest races like the Melbourne Cup to appreciate it, either. Check out the horse race news to see events around you.


#2: Formula 1

With horse racing, it’s easy enough for anyone with the dedication to get involved. When it comes to the Formula 1, it’s a whole different ballgame entirely. Sure, you spend most of the time not being able to see the cars and their drivers up close. But it’s worth it just to see the kinds of speed these men and women can control for a few moments during something like the Grand Prix.



#3: Cricket

If you prefer to see more of the action for long, then cricket is right on the opposite side of the spectrum. Cricket isn’t too huge in a lot of places, so if you don’t know what it’s all about it’s practically baseball but faster, more involved and more complicated. It also has some of the most passionate fans in the world.


#4: Aussie Rules Football

If you’re down under, then you really ought to give some of the contact sports a try. Rugby’s huge in Australia, but if you want something even more frenetic, try Aussie Rules football. The Anzac Day Clash is a huge event for the whole country, so that’s the one that you’re going to want to see in particular. Fans of its cousin, Gaelic Football, will also be huge fans of Anzac.


#5: Tennis

Perhaps you don’t want to see people clashing into each other at great force. Perhaps you want something a bit finer. Something that’s all about reaction speed, dexterity, and control. Few sports encapsulate that as much as tennis. If you want to be on the edge of your seat, you have to try get a hold of tickets to any of the Grand Slam Tournaments.


#6: Martial Arts Exhibitions

Martial arts like karate, taekwondo and jiu-jitsu might not be the most popular sports out there. However, if you want to see people at the peak of discipline as well as physical control, that’s where you need to go. Each martial art has not only a strict code of rules meeting years of hard practice. They all have a deep tradition that’s honored at each competition. They can almost resemble more cultural events than sporting. But at the end of the day, these are two people fighting and they bring all that tension and drive with them into the arena.


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