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Under Lock, And Key Things For Startup Protection

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Prevention is better than cure. It’s common sense, isn’t it? Yet, so many startups are continuously flying by the seat of their pants, that planning ahead for any major issue is the furthest thing from their mind. They are more concerned about the short-term tasks that need to be done, so their view of the bigger picture is never a primary concern. This is something that needs to be rectified for any startup to progress efficiently. And it’s not just about the right resources, although these are very important to a startup’s survival. It is about protecting your business in every facet. So by implementing some common sense approaches to your startup, and taking a view of the bigger picture, you can start to take better steps in getting your business properly maintained in each and every aspect.

Create a system for your business. By setting aside a small amount of time per week to focus on what your business means, you can better prepare on approaches that are necessary. You only need to schedule an hour or so at the end of the week to understand what it takes to build the business. By identifying the key areas to be worked on and who will take responsibility for it, you are helping to solidify a strategy to further protect your company.


Developing the leaders in your business is one of the most important parts of any business’ success. It is how your company progresses, implements new ideas, and it will provide a moral framework for your business structure. The workplace culture will depend on your leaders, if they choose to present a leadership style that is “do as I say, not do as I do” which is the bane of modern small companies, then your workforce will not align themselves with the core cultures and values in your business, and why should they? After all, they are being exposed to a style of leadership that is more dictator than contemporary. Developing your leaders starts with you, so think about what message you are communicating to your staff.


The welfare of a business is not just about the staff and business approaches, it is also about the security you place around your company. Data thefts can result in massive penalties in terms of fines for your startup if you are careless enough to not protect it to the best of your ability. From implementing the most up to date antivirus software to communicating good working practices about how data is handled, you need to cover your business from all bases. If the company demands absolute protection, hiring security guards will be another step in providing total protection. There are companies like Cannon Guards who will work with you to develop the best protection for your companies, such as CCTV cameras and 24-hour protection.

It is often overlooked, and there are factors like budget which we pay more attention to, but protecting your business, from the holistic perspective, to the physical protection, is too important to deny. It’s never too late, so start it now.

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