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Machine Intelligence in the Real World: New Emerging Way

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Machine intelligence is a word that describes the creation of computers and computer software capable of intelligent behavior. The world presents new developments and unfortunately new risks every day, in order to reduce risk to human life and increase efficiency in companies Computers are learning to read and write and in most cases think. Some computers can also be able to recognize human sensory function meaning they can act like humans in terms of touch, smell and taste.

New Emerging Way

Machine intelligence has been started in recent years, before machines were just seen for what they were just machines that would be used in factories with the new age of personalized phone assistants like siri into complicated aspects like recent attempts to wire brains of dead humans into computer chips a company called humai. A majority of companies seem to think that this is the way forward.

There are different types of artificial intelligence most of them are grouped according to how they operate. Panopticons are companies that design intelligent machines thoperate based on data that has been obtained globally. A good example would be satellites they are created in such a way that makes them a world eye literally one can get images of any place by simply clicking a button, these companies are at the top of their food chain no one gets as much data as they do. This makes it the most.



The second groups of machines are offered by companies known as lasers this are machines that operate based on clear cut algorithms. This machines help customers work out issues like loan applications and agriculture. These machines are what are helping third world countries in agriculture and finance. These machines help their users’ life to become simpler. Machines are sometimes paired with human intelligence as stated earlier these machines are called cyborgs and bots. These machines integrate human and machine intelligence and this machines end up behaving like humans. Some even get human names. Bots are machines complete tasks but depend on human instructions to instruct it on what to do these is the most advanced form of machine intelligence there is today. Examples of cyborgs today include the customer service via real time or scheduling via email. Bots help customers perform activities like research examples are howdy the project manager bot. in most cases companies believe this is the best level of machine intelligence however the issue with this machines is that with time as we entrust more and more of our private personal data with them, then privacy is no longer guaranteed. Examples include Facebook.

Technologies like drones and robots are no longer only found in movies, self-driving cars are also part of this type of machine intelligence. This is technology that has especially been helpful in completing tasks that are considered too dangerous for humans. Drones have been used in spy missions all over the world by different countries, the challenge with this software however is that it is limited by the number of limitations that govern these devices. The self-driving car for example was designed a couple of years ago and would be ready for mass production if not for these regulations surrounding them. Some of this technology is however already in the system this includes applications like auto pilot on airplanes.

There are other types of machine technology that user users data to create a system; they solve problems based on user’s data and insights. An example is the auto correct on computers, they make suggestions based on what the user types.

There are many more forms of machine technology that do not fit into any of these categories but still qualify as any of these types but they still exist. These include 3,4and 5 dimension studios and theatres that have started all over the world through them the user is able to recreate the scene of the movie and in a way go through the same experiences as the actor in the movie this has completely revolutionized the film industry today.


It has been explained new and upcoming technology programs on the topics of tech news, wearable gadgets and how we can use the technology for our health, health tips for seniors. From the first supercomputers ever created by man to drones today, who would have known how fast technology would evolve today. These forms of technology have made life as simple as it could possibly be. Consumers can be assured that one day robots will be equivalent of kitchen appliances everyone will be able to own one. Machine intelligence however many scientists have warned that reliance on this machines and applications will have an effect on humans .since all the work will be done by these machines then the human brain will not be put to use and over a longtime then it will simply stop working effectively. With time humans will become stupid, also these machines require humans to upload private important information into them this data ends up being used by other people and people end up having their accounts stolen from among other evils. However it’s clear to see that these machines are more useful than they are evil.

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