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Make Everyone Pay Attention to You at a Trade Show

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Trade shows are amazing opportunities to expand your business and get more sales. If you have any doubt about this, then you definitely need to do some more research!

Trade shows are attended by competitors, potential investors, and enthusiastic consumers. It’s your opportunity to get into a room filled with these people and speak to them face-to-face. What could be a better business opportunity than that?

Here are some suggestions for making everyone pay attention to your business at a trade show.


Get the most Charismatic People at the Stand

Who in your company is going to represent you at the trade show? There are two criteria that you need to focus on the most when it comes to selecting the right people. One: They need to know your business intimately. Inside-out. So management or executive positions are good places to look in that regard. Two: They need to be charismatic! You may really like a particular employee. But if listening to them speak can feel a little dull then you probably don’t want them at the trade show display. (Yes, that sounds a little cold. But you need charismatic people at your stand!)

Pay special Attention to your Design

The design of your display is what’s going to catch the eyes of most people who are attending the event. You need your branding to be on full display. You need custom signage, banners, and color scheme that draws attention without clashing with your brand image. You can look into getting someone to design one for you. You can also look into companies that specialize in high-quality custom trade show displays.


Free Stuff!

People love free stuff. I probably didn’t need to tell you this. You probably love free stuff! If you’ve got free promotional materials, people will come over just to collect that stuff. This lets you spread your branding further, as well as giving you an opportunity to speak to more people! Make sure the items are something that most people will find useful. Notebooks, USB drives, earphones, pens – that sort of thing!

Advertise your Presence at the Show Beforehand

You want to employ your best marketing tricks when it comes to making your presence known at the event. If there are fans of your company attending, or friends of those fans attending, it’s best for them to know that you’ll be there. Your first step should be social media. Use Twitter and Facebook to announce to the business world that you’ll be there at the event. And while you’re at it, why not remind them about the promotional items you’ll have at your display?


Include New Communication Technology

Is there an expert at your company who is unable to attend the event for any reason? If so, why not look into the possibility of having a tablet or a computer at the display that people can use to contact them? With video calling across platforms like Google Hangouts, the people you speak to can be spoken to directly by someone else in your company. Remember to use these technologies to tweet about your event throughout the day!

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