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How to make money blogging?

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To a number of people who are into digital marketing, the world of blogging is also gaining popularity. While a number of people opt for blogging much out of their love for writing, it is a potential money making platform as well. There are several ways in which one can make money through blogging. When certain factors about marketing are taken care of, making money through blogging becomes very easy and one can gain successful over the time. However, they must be diligent enough and should pay attention to minute details to make this work out in their favor.

abhi content writing service kolkata
How to make money with blogging


This is perhaps the most popular answer to how to make money blogging from an online platform. Registering for the Google Adsense account ensures that you are able to earn enough revenue through the ads and the clicks that you get on the ads which are being displayed. There are different types of ads and usually depending on the type of audience you get, the ads to be displayed are determined. Getting Adsense approval can be quite difficult at times if you don’t have high-quality content in your site. In fact, this is why you need to hire a good team of professional content writers like Abhi content writer to take care of the content section of your website.



There are different brands and companies which rely heavily these days on bloggers for promotion. As a blogger, you can earn a lot when you are advertising or be working for a certain brand. The brand would sponsor you. They may pay you in cash and you can also get a number of products in kind as well from them as a token of the services you are providing them. Product reviews and sample items from brands too are ways in which you are paid for your articles on their services.



Selling through your blog

Once you have enough audience for your blog, you can easily use your blog to sell and promote certain products. The main fact to be taken care of is gaining the trust of your followers and subscribers. This can only be done when you have authentic and original content which they can actually trust and be sure of. In this case, hiring a content writing company Kolkata would be a good option for you, as you can trust on their content writing service. Once you have the significant audience for your blog, you can get more and more profit through the items which you intend to sell through your blog.


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Many people across the world take up blogging as the hobby. However, one can earn a lot from blogging as well. Getting sponsors for your blog is a good way to earn. Adsense and pay per click policies also help you earn as well through the blog.

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