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Make Sure You’re Aware Of These Costly And Dangerous Driving Offenses

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Roads can be dangerous, so every driver needs to be safe and responsible at all times. If you don’t take care while driving, you could unintentionally commit a driving offense. These will often land you a costly fine. Serious offenses are also punishable with prison time, so you’ll want to avoid these by all means necessary.

As long as you work on being a careful driver, there isn’t much to worry about. Make sure to keep in line with the law and avoid bad roadways. Here are some of the most common driving offenses, and what you can do to avoid them.

#1: Speeding

Speeding is the most common driving offense. It’s estimated that around one in every six Americans gets a speeding ticket each year. All it takes is driving a little too fast while a cop is present, and it’s a mistake that can cost you hundreds of dollars.


You should always keep a close eye on your speedometer and stay under the speed limit. You could also make use of cruise control if your car has it. In addition to fines, getting a ticket will raise insurance costs, so it’s best to get out of a speeding ticket if possible.


#2: Running A Red Light

As soon as a light turns yellow, you need to slow your car down to a stop. If you continue to drive through a red light, this is another offense that can land you with an expensive ticket. Busy intersections often have safety cameras. You may be caught on camera if you drive through a red light. Even if no one is crossing, be sure to make a stop.


#3: Driving Under Intoxication (DUI)

Driving while intoxicated is one of the most serious driving offenses you can commit. Even if you’ve only had a couple of drinks, you may surpass the legal limits for your state. Driving with alcohol in your system can lead to a suspended license, a hefty fine, and jail time in severe cases.

If you do get charged with a DUI, be sure to get legal help. There are many lawyers experienced in handling these cases, so it’s worth calling a firm such as Mace Law for your DUI.

If you’re going to be drinking, it’s best not to go anywhere near your car. A better option is to call a cab or have a friend give you a lift.


#4: Reckless Driving

If you’re driving in a way that poses a risk to pedestrians or other people on the road, you could be committing a Reckless Driving offense. If you manage to hurt someone through carelessness, you’ll be charged with a felony. But even if you don’t cause any damage, failing to drive responsibly is dealt with harsh punishments.

Things like swerving, failing to indicate or driving too close to another vehicle should always be avoided. Some officials believe using a smartphone can lead to reckless driving. When you’re behind the wheel, cut out all distractions and focus on the road.


#5: Parking Violations

These can be pesky, as you might commit a parking offense without realizing it. Make sure you keep informed of all parking regulations for your state. Parking in a no-parking zone or failing to pay a parking meter can land you a fine. These can be fought in court, but it’s better to avoid them altogether.


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