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Make the Yard Safe for your Child

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While baby proofing the interior of the house is undoubtedly important for a child’s protection, parents should never overlook the outdoors either! Letting your child enjoy the beauties of nature and examine the world of plants is essential for a child’s proper development so make sure that there is nothing in the garden that can pose a potential danger to a small and curious kid.

Lock up the Tools

The first thing that should be done in order to ensure the safety of a child when outside is to clear the garden of all dangerous objects such as garden scissors, lawn mowers, pesticides, etc. These tools can be very interesting for a child while they can be extremely hazardous. Therefore, it would be best to keep gardening essentials under a lock and key in a shed or a garage at all times.


Protective Fence

Children like to run around and they often do not have a proper conscience about their whereabouts. Therefore, it is essential to put up a fence around the garden to avoid the possibility of a child running into the street. Also, if you have any water structures in the yard it would be wise to put a protective fence around these as well. Pools are especially dangerous but even fountains can be a threat for a young child.



Get rid of Dangerous Plants

There are many kinds of dangerous when it comes to the relationship between a child and a plant. Since children love to put stuff in their mouth it is of utmost importance to get rid of any toxic plants. Do a good research on plants and flowers you have in your yard because sometimes even the smallest, the most beautiful and delicate flowers can be full of toxins. Also, avoid having any plants that bear small fruits with seeds or pits that a child could choke on. Another thing to take into consideration is clearing the yard of prickly plants. If you really do not want to dig up the rose bush which thorns might hurt the child, make sure to put a fence around it.

Soft Surface

Most children will enjoy crawling and rolling around when outside so it is up to you to provide them with a soft and safe surface. Grass, fake grass or foam are perfect in case you want to introduce your young child to the benefits of a garden. At all costs avoid using gravel or any kind of small stones for your garden paths because these are not only a possible choking hazard but can also hurt the child’s arms and knees.

Secure the Corners

Whether it is a sharp corner of outdoor furniture or the one of a plant pot, it is important to make it safe for children. Always cushion the corners of patio furniture especially if your child is of similar height. Using furniture that does not have sharp edges is also smart. Moreover, if you have a lot of plant pots keep them out of the child’s reach or plant additional plants with longer and heavier leaves that will hide the corners effectively.


Take Care of the Dirty Work

When you think about the garden dirty work it means everything related to pulling weeds, getting rid of the annoying bugs and removing any unnecessary plants from the site. In order to feel completely safe to let your kid play in the garden, ask for help from professional gardening services such as Maintain me that can do all the work for you more efficiently.

Do not be afraid to show your child the wonders of playing outside and discovering new things while breathing fresh air and getting some physical activity just because you are unsure about the safety of your garden. Make it safe!

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