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Make Your WooCommerce Store By Hosting It on the Cloud

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Online shopping has become a norm now. It is now outperforming traditional shopping practices on all fronts and spheres. Retail stores having physical space are now moving online so as to catch up with the large number of online customers.

But, what about the small guys and gals?

Well, many start from a small web store. Until recently, web commerce building software were too complex for their own good. While developers can create awesome web stores, the real hurdles appear once it goes live. Web store owners are left scratching their heads when they can’t perform the easiest of things (like adding products, updating prices, etc.) as it requires changes in the code.

However, this problem was quickly solved when WooCommerce arrived.

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin that currently powers more than 17% of web stores. With this particular plugin, you can easily transform your traditional site into a money making web store in a matter of minutes. Despite the emergence of other variants of e-commerce plugins for WordPress sites, WooCommerce has managed to maintain its supremacy within the e-commerce market.


Why You Need Cloud Hosting?

Before answering this question, there is another question that needs to be answered first. Why traditional web hosting service providers have failed?

Traditional hosting is shared. This means hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server that may have a single IP. If something happens to that server, all the websites on it get affected. Furthermore, as the resources are shared, it means a heavier website on the same server might be eating all the resource. Resultantly, your website gets slow and your visitors get to wait.


When navigating an online shopping website, most of the visitors tend to look for speedy and easy check-out process. A minor delay in website loading speed will leave the visitors with a bad experience.

Reliability, credible after-sales-support, server uptime are some of the other important factors that attract companies to opt for cloud hosting service providers rather than the traditional hosts.

However, hosting directly on the cloud is not easy. This is where Cloud Hosting Platforms came into play. Such solutions will allow web store owners to host their WooCommerce stores in just a few clicks.

What you get when you host your WooCommerce website on Cloud?

Once you have decided to host your WooCommerce website on Cloud Hosting Platform, you are entitled to get some of the most important benefits and advantages which you can’t get for hosting your website on traditional hosts.

Performance Optimization

Performance of an ecommerce website is dependent on the hosting it is deployed on. With managed WordPress cloud hosting service providers, you’ll surely get one that performs excellently.

You get fully functional caching mechanism that ensures that the stack gives quick page loading times (of 2 or less seconds), while making efficient use of server resources.

If the Cloud Hosting Platform has Varnish enabled on it, then you are bound to get skyrocketing speeds. It is because of the smart caching mechanism of Varnish that stores similar request and presents them whenever required. This way, your website will be able to serve more visitors than the ones with caching.

Uninterrupted Server Uptime with Robust Data Retention

E-commerce stores should always remain active and open. The slightest of delays in functionality can result in loss of millions. Well, no web store owner would like to dream about losing money in this way. Imagine a situation where a customer was about make a purchase and your server suddenly went down.

Now, this is something which you won’t experience once your eCommerce website is hosted on cloud hosting platform. With 99.99% server up time, Cloud Hosting Platforms continue to perform day in, day out. This way, there is minimal chance of losing money due to downtime.

Always Available After-Sales Support

What you do when something goes wrong at your workplace or at your home? You consult with experienced individuals to tackle the issue at hand. The same goes true for hosting service providers. If you face any hosting issues, the hosting provider should address those issues.

Most of the traditional hosting service providers fail to solve problems of their customers. This is where cloud hosting service providers take the edge. A good cloud hosting service will provide you the facility to communicate your concerns to a dedicated after-sales support team, available 24x7x365. This customer support operation continues round the clock, throughout the year. You can always trust a cloud hosting service provider when it comes to addressing server and hosting-related issues.

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