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What Makes A True Leader In The World Of Business?

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Every business and every team are in need of leadership. Whether you’re running a business and find you suddenly have a group depending on you, or you’re elevated to a management position, you need to decide what it really means to be a leader. Is it about having an authority and the last say or about utilizing your team for the benefit of all? If it’s the former for you, then good luck to you. We’ll see how that pans out. If it’s the latter, then make sure you embody the following skills and work every day to incorporate them.

The knowledge and application of effort

There’s no doubt that there will be a large share of authority in your end. But that authority isn’t just used to make sure that people are doing the work they’re supposed to. It’s even better used to make sure that work is going where it’s supposed to. You need to have a bird’s eye view of the team and how productive it is. You need to know what tasks need to be done and when they’re being done. As well as improving delegation and communication, you need to make sure the effort isn’t being expended where it shouldn’t be. Identifying the tasks that are better automated or passed to services outside the business will help you ensure talents are being used in the best places.


A certain salesmanship

The art of selling isn’t just for deciding how best to market your product to your potential customer base. You also need to sell people not only on the business and their role in it. You need to sell them on the goals of the business. You need to align their work with the strategy of the business. Too many people work a job without really understanding the importance of their work. They don’t know how it plays into the whole plan. Teach them that plan, help them understand the benefit of it and the benefit of their work towards that goal.


A constant striving for improvement

Everyone needs some sort of momentum pushing them on not only to better results but to better careers. That includes you, too. Even if their path takes them outside the business, you should care about the development of their employees. Creating professional development plans and using partners like Frosch Learning can help you expand their skillset and even your own. You should never assume that you know everything there is to know about leadership, after all.



Finally, you have to learn that the old adage is true. With great power comes great responsibility. Poor leaders do not take proper responsibility. They don’t care for what they owe employees, they take credit for the team while being happy to pass the blame on. That creates an environment of glory hogs, following your lead and acting with self-preservation at the front of their mind. An environment driven by fearful competition will not make a successful business. A boss who glorifies the contributors for the end results, and takes even personal failure as an opportunity to improve the individual and the business, creates a real team.

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