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Making the Most of Lifestyle Photography: 5 Useful Tips

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The immense joy in clicking photographs lies with the film being developed into the picture that you clicked. The outcome mirrors the thought and the effort that you have put into it to make the perfect shot. Among the many realms that photography has reached into, ‘lifestyle’ stands out as one of the most expressive, yet a candid way to capture memories.

In a world that is filled to its brim with rehearsed moments and practiced poses, lifestyle photography is like a breath of fresh air. Lifestyle photography captures candid expressions, real-life moments and the beauty of everyday life. But sadly, this is where many photographers go wrong.

Lifestyle photography frames the random moments of daily life. This means photographing subjects in the midst of the activities they usually do in the usual locations. In fact, the subject shouldn’t even be aware of being photographed. Nothing is scheduled or planned.


If you look around, you would find scores of moments to turn into memories. However, a little guidance along the way is always beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of the effective ways to capture great lifestyle photographs.

Be Creative

This is essentially the first criterion of a lifestyle photographer. Everyday life may not seem appealing to you in ways that you think can be captured in a frame. Therefore, it can become difficult to decide what to shoot. The good news is, that is okay.

As a lifestyle photographer, you need to think out of the box. Look at every moment from a fresh perspective. You never know when inspiration strikes; therefore, it is wise to carry your camera with you at all times. When it comes to lifestyle photography, details speak volumes. So, do not forget to zoom in to make your shot stand out. The lace border on a dress, the surprised eyes, the curtains bathed in sunlight, the broken corner of the vase can make your pictures communicate. Do not miss out on these.


Befriend Light

Since lifestyle photography essentially eliminates any scope for staging the shot, you wouldn’t be left with much light to capture a well-lit shot. Since most of the photos are usually captured indoors, natural light is going to be your only option. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Finding some light sources that may work in your favor.
  • You can consider opening a few curtains without disturbing your subjects. These could include windows, lamps etc.
  • Shoot from a few different angles to ensure that you have the best shot. You can think of elevating your position above the subjects to get a good shot.
  • Back-light can be a wonderful option since it accentuates the silhouettes it creates.

Even though cranking the cranking up the ISO in low-light conditions comes at the price of grain in the photos, it might add an interesting texture to your pictures.

Include the Surroundings

A lifestyle photographer tells a story through his/her photos. Even though capturing the details make it unconventional, sometimes pulling back just enough to include the environment can help set the stage for the perfect shot. The environment includes enough details to help you tell the story.

Usually, indoors are the best places for lifestyle photography. It is important to locate the details that can make the shot dramatic. This might require a bit of prior planning to be able to include the things you want.


It is Okay to Capture Mess

Since you are capturing real-life moments, you cannot avoid the mess that the surrounding has to provide. The good news is, it is absolutely alright to have mess in your photographs since this reinforces the fact that the shot wasn’t rehearsed. In fact, messy pictures make some of the best memories.

However, if chaos comes in the way of the perfect shot, you can tidy up a little around your subjects. Another way to deal with a lot of clutter is by turning to black and white editing.


Set the Stage

When your subject is idle, s/he might be conscious about the picture being taken, which gets in the way of the true meaning of lifestyle photography. Therefore, you would need to think up activities for your subjects to allow their unbridled personalities and expressions to show. Avoid directing the moments, instead capture the genuine ones.

It is always beneficial for a photographer to brush up on his/her skills to learner newer ways to take the best shot. You can consider enrolling in photography classes in Dubai to ensure that your skills are up-to-date.

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