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Manual Jobs That Can End Up Being Lucrative Careers

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These days not everyone strives for a comfortable job in an office. For a lot of people, that doesn’t suit them anymore. Sure an office job pays the bills, there isn’t much risk to it. But for some, there just isn’t the same job satisfaction you can feel when you are physically doing something. A manual job tends to be something you do with your hands or requires skill. Which is why many manual jobs these days can become very lucrative. Often supplying great careers and top salaries to match. Which is why I thought I would explore some of those with you. Perhaps it will inspire you to have a career change.

#1: Becoming a builder

A builder can start off as being very labor intensive. The start of a career can be much about learning the trade and being the person everyone calls upon for the rubbish jobs. But putting in the time to learn the trades can pay off. This is where becoming a builder opens up many doors. You learn bricklayers, plastering. Even tiling and other things. What this can lead on to is running your own contractor company. Being commissioned for house builds and repairs. This is where the big money can appear. People may see being a builder a risky career move. Of course, there is a risk to that. Problems with construction sites etc. This is where covers are available to safeguard your future. More information is available on websites like http://www.genesage.com/occupations/life-cover-for-builders


#2: Something electrical

Sticking with this area another lucrative career move could be becoming an electrician. This is because this area is so specific. You need to be trained and also take into consideration the risk s involved. However, jobs can vary from rewiring a whole building, to smaller repair jobs. Being an electrician could start off by working for a company. But you could also branch out and create your company within your local community. There is a lot of information on websites like https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/advice/.



#3: Working with oil

A labour intensive job that requires you at times to work away would be working with oil. This is where often you are based on a rig in the sea. Controlling machines to extract oil. Rigs require 24 hour operation. Which is why not only does it require strength, but also the ability to adapt to shifts and working away. However, with that comes considerable time off and a great salary to match. It can be a very lucrative career choice.


#4: Commercial diver

Finally, if you have an interest in diving why not turn that into a career. Of course, the obvious thing would be to teach diving. However, the more manual choice would be a far better career move. Divers are needed for all sorts of roles. Commercial divers are needed in the seas for oil extraction, as well as crime scene investigation within the police. It is a specialized field that not only requires skills but also is a manual job to take on. There is plenty of risk to this type of role, but one that could also provide you with a lot of job satisfaction.


I hope this has inspired you to consider manual jobs. Whether it is at the begging on your career or the time to change things.

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