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More Miles, More Problems: Reasons You Might Want To Drive Less

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When you have a car, you probably want to get as much use out of it as possible. But while you should use your car when it’s practical, driving a little less can have big benefits. It can save costs, lower your stress levels, and even be less risky. Here are some of the reasons driving less often can be less problematic.

#1 – Fewer Risks

Reports show that as people are driving more miles, traffic accidents are sharply rising in the US. In fact, there have been almost 20% more road accidents in the first six months of 2016 than there were during the same period in 2014.

Staying out of your car doesn’t prevent all accidents. Many pedestrians and cyclists get hurt by careless drivers. Many attorneys help people who have been injured in road accidents, such as the law offices of Tony Seaton, PLLC.


While you can never be entirely safe, putting in fewer miles prevents more risks.

#2 – Lower Insurance

With traffic accidents rising, insurance companies are also ramping up prices. The monthly cost of car insurance can be a crippling cost, and many people look for ways to get a better deal.

Many factors can affect the price of your auto insurance. One of the biggest is how much your drive. You can get a significant reduction on car insurance costs if you drive fewer miles than the previous year. In fact, some companies offer up to a 50% discount for drivers with less mileage. This can be a huge help when it comes to personal finances.


#3 – Being Healthier

Stepping away from the wheel more often gives you a chance to use healthier alternatives. Some workplaces offer cycle-to-work schemes. This usually involves getting discounts on bicycles and other benefits for riding to work at least three times a week.

A faster option is to use eBikes. These are bicycles with electric motors which can go up to 16 miles per hour. You still get a bit of a workout, but get to work much faster. If your work premises are close enough, you may even want to walk.

Traffic is one of the major stressors for work commuters. Using alternatives allows you to be calmer and healthier as you get into work each day.

#4 – Maintaining Value

When it comes to selling your car, mileage can be a significant factor in the price you get. Cars with a lot of miles will go for much lower prices. Additionally, driving more can lead to more wear and tear on your car, which will lower its value.

Of course, there’s no point having a car if you don’t drive it at all. But you don’t have to give up driving altogether. Finding ways to put in fewer miles will benefit you financially in the long run. Be sure also to keep your car clean and well serviced. It’ll pay off when it comes to sale time.


#5 – Saving Costs

Less mileage leads to lower insurance, but it also saves you on a bunch of other expenses. Driving less means you won’t have to pay so often to fill up your fuel tank. Instead, you use your fuel more efficiently and save money on gas.

Driving more can also lead to more repair work needed. You also want to lower your chances of getting hit with a speeding or parking ticket. Driving less will simply save you more money.

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