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Growth of Mobile App Industry in 2018: Market of Future Technology

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With the tremendous increase in the number of Mobile App developers, the industry is touching new heights. The pace of mobile App market is fasting day by day and soon will be going to cross the speed of a rocket. Targeting only Mobile App developers for the growing industry will not show genuineness at all; buyers of smartphones have actually boomed the complete scenario. If we focus upon technical sayings then this will sound perfect for understanding the case!

No market could evolve without having proper resources & No resources find useful without having proper reach.

In Mobile App Industry, developers can be taken as resources whereas Smartphone can be taken as a reach. If we estimate a simple calculation which is also helping many mobile app development companies in India to streamline their development process. There are 5 million smartphone users on an average each having at least 28-32 Apps in their phones which means that the number of Apps each user access in a smartphone will directly enhance the revenue of Mobile App Industry. The developers are focusing to develop Apps as per customer’s needs. That’s why the accesses of Mobile App’s are on rising and will rise in upcoming future as well.

One of the best ways to determine the growth of Mobile App industry is to evaluate whole statistics one-by-one and consider it as the market strategies of enhancement. But as per our knowledge, the trends that are coming in the Mobile App world will affect the growth even more.


The Mobile App industry is maturing day-by-day and thus accepting more realistic and advantageous trends which will surely enhance overall ecosystem in the upcoming year 2018.

Huge Enterprises Will Interact Via Mobile Apps Instead Of Software

The pure usage of technology is availing by some profound enterprises not just for increasing their reach over authentic audience but also to enhance their sovereignty. This is a fact that everyone wants to be with the flow and tries to grab as much profit as they can. Similarly, the market of future is a smartphone. So, enterprises are moving forward to mobile Apps instead of developing software of their names.

According to Gartner’s research, a big amount of interactions in enterprises will be done via mobile Apps and not through software. The future technology is bringing us closer to remote access which can easily be done using applications which work well under mobile-to-mobile interface.

The growth of Mobile App industry even in the upcoming year is a non-debatable fact. For enterprises, Mobile Apps are proved to be a necessity!

Say Hello to Faster Web-Page Loading Technologies on Your Mobile

If you’ve noticed ever while searching over Google each result consist of some AMP oriented pages which mean those particular links will open way more faster in your smartphone than ordinary ones. The accelerated mobile pages are one of the best contributions to the foundation of future mobile presence. It is an open source project which aims to enhance the loading speed on a mobile phone. All AMP pages will show on the top of search results which simply helps them to get high clicks.

For enhancing the presence of Smartphone’s, one can simply convert their pages to AMP technology. Yet one another technology, initially introduced by Google, is Progressive Web Apps which let any website opened in your mobile looks like a mobile App. This App is way cheaper and non-tricky to handle and provides you the brand experience of accessing a mobile App.


If you are thinking of no future at all about mobile Apps then such technologies are for you which indicate that even Google trying to provide a Mobile Apps friendly look to their users.

Future of Cloud-Based Apps Is Even More Bright

The cloud technology-oriented Apps are more secure and catchy for any enterprise. As per recent researches, most of the Mobile Apps will run over cloud-based portals by the end of 2017 which states that almost 90% of the mobile data will be delivered via cloud Apps.

Future technology is meant to be strict yet expands its arms for different variants of ease. Cloud Apps are the same ease which let enterprises secure their very own Mobile Apps and the data.

Monetization Models like In-App Purchase & In-App Advertising Are Real Pro

As the wings of advertising are waving around digital platforms nowadays not even Mobile Apps are back to it. In-app purchase is most commonly found in mobile games which let users buy items over a specific amount of profit. There are thousands of App in play store which let users buy goods and services via making them fond of games.


The Same theory can be overruled to In-app advertising module as everyone likes to download apps which are free to use. Developers embed various ads in such free Apps and dig the gold with each download click. Most of the developers don’t really focus on the App need (as discussed earlier in the article) instead tries to build advertising based App which turns to be a bulk revenue generator for them.

With such clear models, Mobile App developers are raising quite good income without even much effort. Just a wise way of marketing and technology brings you the gold!

Improved Augmented and Virtual Reality Support Stands In Limelight

The future market will be based upon more fine AR/VR capabilities which will enhance the experience of accessing a mobile App. Today, youngsters are more equipped with games like Pokemon Go, where the grip of AR is complete magic. With such usage of AR & VR functionalities, more people are attracting towards the game world which simply enriching the roots of Mobile App industry.

There’s no second thought comes in mind while talking about two big IT companies i.e. Apple & Google. There are various top android app development companies who are working constantly hard to improve the reach of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality on their respective platforms. The upcoming year will be coming with lots of improved technologies & fine developments which will brighten the Mobile App Industry.


Staircase of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Facebook Messenger is the first Mobile App which opens up its gateway for third-party bots as well. Chatbots are a part of artificial intelligence and own their own category as they are becoming mainstream categorized.  Bots will help in making chats even more realistic and attractive. Bots will help you to buy your likewise stuff over e-commerce portals. Facebook, Kik & many other portals are taking advantage of same to provide a different experience of chatting, shopping, and managing over Mobile Apps.

Bots are unique technology which will only enhance its presence in future and showing no chance of dimming its light!

It is more important for developers to build Apps more smartly, creatively and wisely. As the users don’t really access most of the installed Apps due to poor interface and lots of ads. It is necessary for future market of Mobile Apps to carry precise ideas and deliver sharp mobile App designs.

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