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How can Mobile Apps be Beneficial for your Online Business?

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Do you know a smartphone user has on average 20-25 apps installed on his phone? Experts are saying with the advancement of digital life, India is all set to become the second largest smartphone consumer in the whole world and soon expected to consume 650 million smartphones by 2019.

Clearly, if your customers are now engaged in smartphones than in computers (earlier) then you have to change your business plan accordingly. To reach customers in a timely relevant way and also to reach many for a minimum period of time you have to take the help of a mobile app.

Latest mobile phones companies are giving 16 GB, 32 GB space for users to install mobile apps. Mobile apps help users to access all the information within few clicks. Apps are faster than websites and easy to use.


That’s why most of the users have switched to apps than websites and business houses are also including company apps other than websites to attract customers. They are providing their app for free download to generate leads.

How can an app be beneficial for your online business?

Loyalty and a high chance of engagement: A mobile app can give you the loyalty of your customer and a high chance of engagement with your brand. After downloading your app, a user can easily access it anytime and anywhere.
The customer will be loyal to only your brand rather than searching other brands for the same good or service. It will increase the engagement of your customer because you will be sure that once the customer has made a transaction from your company and highly satisfied then he or she is surely coming again to make another one.

#1: Increase brand recognition:

Needless to say, a faultless mobile app once downloaded and used by the customer has a less chance of getting uninstalled.

It will increase your brand recognition and there will be also a chance of advertisement through word of mouth.


#2: Increase accessibility:

If you are not ranked 1 for the particular keywords your customer is searching, then there is less chance of getting a visitor to your website.

Because nowadays people have very less time for doing research and finding the best company for a particular product or service. So the website that they see first on the search page; usually they do the transaction from it.
But if you have an app then for the user it will be easy to access your site all the time and to do the transaction. Thus by increasing accessibility, you can increase the number of transactions.

#3: Increase your traffic:

As most of the people are using smartphones and downloading apps, you have a higher chance of getting more traffic to your site.

#4: Search Engine ranking:

Increased traffic, transaction rate, and brand will certainly give you a better search engine ranking. And an improved search engine ranking will help you in getting more customers and at the end expanding your business.


#5: Generate lead:

Whenever someone downloads your app, you will be certain that the user is a lead, whom you have to nourish to convert him into a transacting.

#6: Increased Online sales conversion:

Now when you are getting leads and nourishing him to become a transact, you are getting a chance of increase online sales conversion. With an app sales conversion becomes easy.

#7: Announcements:

With mobile apps, announcements, events, launches reaches to customer easily and faster than in websites.

#8: Customer support:

With a single touch a customer can contact your company or get the detailed map of your company. Before any transaction or post sale if any issue arises it is always easy for the customer to get a customer support through a mobile app.


#9: Distribution:

The distribution of product or service is very easy and structured through a mobile app.
Users are mainly satisfied with the structure of an app rather than the websites.

These are a few of many other benefits. Certainly, an app can act as a catalyst to your company’s growth. People are now interested in buying phones that are giving more space to install apps. They Compare phones online and then buy one that is suitable for installing more apps.

A businessman should always identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs and right now apps are the first choice of your customers, that’s why your business must have an app.

An app will become a cool marketing tool of your company and also will give you more loyalty of your customer than your website.

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