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Why Mobile Apps are Vital to Business Growth & Promotion

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Why Mobile Apps are Vital to Business Growth & Promotion – Mobiles Applications have become a dire necessity to millions of people worldwide. They have also become equally important to businesses and Start-ups for their business growth. The apps have also revolutionized the marketing methods and the way businesses are conducted. They are also the best tool for the businesses for their brand promotions and products exposure. The unusual popularity of the apps can be understood by the fact that in 2015, more than 25 billion iPhone apps and 50 billion mobile apps were downloaded by the users. The Statistic Portal also informs that the users will download 269 billion apps by 2017. Today, online and offline companies and Start-ups are switching over to mobile apps for business promotions, sales & marketing, brand promotion, and advertising because of an overwhelming number of app users throughout the world.

For businesses, custom mobile applications are playing a crucial role in boosting the number of customers and retaining them. It has also become easier for companies to meet and manage customer’s demands, and provide them prompt and best services.


1. Marketing Channel

The success of business solely depends on the way organizations market their products and the number of customers they have. In this respect, mobile apps are playing a great role in providing visibility and exposing the product of the company and attracting customers because they are always visible on the user’s mobile screen. In addition to boosting the customer base, organizations are also using custom apps to provide all business related information to consumers. Start-ups and established businesses can develop customer friendly custom apps with attractive features for faster business growth, marketing, and selling their products. All business related transactions and details like purchase, sales, discounts, special offers, payments, inventories, and dispatch details can also be managed through features on the apps.


2. Customer Services and Interaction

Mobile apps are highly beneficial for customer services and operations. Custom business apps have various features that serve the customer’s interests. The feature of messaging and chatting helps the organization to meet the customer queries promptly. If customers need any information about the products or wish to contact the company, they can do so easily through chat or messaging options on the apps. The apps also help buyers in placing their orders and finding the delivery schedule immediately once they place the order. They can also inform promptly about the late deliveries or any other issues related to the placed order.


3. Communication and Coordination

Mobile apps are the best tool for communication and interactions with buyers. The messaging and chat features on the apps can make a difference in the way businesses interact with the costumers. The regular communication with the customers can maintain a healthy relationship between them. The company can respond immediately to buyer queries and satisfying their needs. The better coordination and faster response to vendors and customer’s queries help businesses retain existing customers, increase their buyer’s base, build trust and generate loyalty for the company.

4. Advertisements and Brand Promotion

Custom Business Mobile apps developed by the mobile development companies like skylark.com.sg for the businesses have become a necessary tool for advertising and promoting business brands. Before the advent of Smartphones and mobile apps, organizations mostly used paper and electronic media, hoardings, wallpapers, billboards, roadside banners, electronic display, and other indoor and outdoor advertisement tools for brand promotions and advertisements. However, these displays were expensive and also they had geographical limitations, and only limited numbers of people could view these advertisements, but same is not the case with mobile apps because an advertisement through apps can reach billions of people all over the world immediately. The costs of these advertisements are also a fraction of outdoor advertisement expenses. The companies can also embed their business and product videos on iPhone and Android apps for better exposure of their business and products. They can design and build an app with attractive features that will be loved by their buyers and help in brand promotion.


5. Consumer Promotional Schemes

The companies introduce various promotional schemes to attract buyers. Nowadays, Smartphone users regularly search apps for money-off schemes, promo codes, discounts coupons, gift vouchers and token, cash-back schemes, and contests. The businesses and start-ups can use their custom mobile apps for these special offers and incentive to retain and get more customers. The consumers can access these special sales and promotional offers from any location through their Smartphone.

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