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Mobile Toilets Provide Fillip to Modi’s Clean India Vision

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While sanitation is in a very worrisome state in India, the newly launched Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, the vision for a clean India is looking towards establishing a fair precedent for the sanitation practices in the country.

The lack of clean and accessible toilets is a major worry for the masses. This is the case especially with women, little girls who are most at risk of infections from an unclean toilet. But what has India done to resolve this situation? What precautions have we taken to ensure that every citizen of the country gets access to clean toilets?

Many organizations, corporate conglomerates etc. have begun the process of identifying themselves as mobile toilet manufacturers as well, in order to increase the availability of portable toilets in India. This, we understand, can help come to terms with the issue of flaying sanitation in both rural and urban parts of India.


Let us look at how mobile stainless steel toilets help promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Clean India vision:


– As we started this discussion with, the major problem that India has with clean toilets is that they are not accessible to the mass. For those living in neglected areas such as villages etc., a toilet is still a far-fetched dream. While the government is trying day and night to encourage the usage of toilets, it is often difficult to do so in brick and mortar.


These mobile toilets which are not only portable but easy to use lead the way to promote the message Modi gave, “toilets before temples”.

Promotes the concept of toilets

– While earlier toilets were considered a taboo subject in most places in India, with the advent of technology such as these stainless steel toilets with in-built functions as well as an easy to use interface, the idea is gaining popularity.

These portable toilets in India then promote the case that toilets can be neat and clean. It showed that they can actually promote sanitation and hygiene. They are useful, resourceful and do not take a whole lot of space.

Better use of resources

– Since the toilets are portable or mobile, one toilet can be used by a few different neighboring communities. This makes the toilets both cost-effective as well as a plausible idea for a poor countryside. They are highly durable and since they are made of stainless steel by mobile toilet manufacturers such as Jindal Steel, they require a very low level of maintenance.


It is then also necessary to note that such toilets do not require a tedious waste management process since they are designed to dispose of the excreta in a very efficient manner without the need for constant maintenance.

Fit for all terrains

– Since a stainless steel toilet can be ported from one place to another, it is necessary to note that they are the most apt for all kinds of weather and terrains. They can be easily used in hilly areas or areas where it is very snowy.

The automatic sensors, high-tech technology as well as the material it is made up of makes them survive any conditions. Hence, they are one of the most advisable and advantageous products that can be used to promote our prime minister’s vision of a Clean India.

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