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How are Motorcycle Boots Different From Regular Ones?

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A ride on a motorcycle is exciting and thrilling. There are many people who would give in just about anything to buy their dream motorcycle. At the same time it is very important to ride the motorcycle in the perfect motorcycle gear. Motorcycle boots protect the rider from unexpected crashes and at the same time, are stylish and comfortable enough for the entire day. They are much different from the regular boots in many ways.


Motorcycle boots such as TCX Boots are constructed out of thick leather in order to make them abrasion resistant, whereas the ordinary boots are usually made of soft leather. Many motorcycle boots come with reinforcements such as double layers of textile, leather or plastic sliders in the high-wear areas. For the person who needs to ride in varying weather conditions, a motorcycle boot made out of treated leather would do the trick as they will repel water.



These have got full height which not only support the ankle but also protect the feet. In an unfortunate incident like a crash, many a times the foot gets trapped during the fall which can sprain, injure or break the ankle if the rider does not get proper support from his boot.



The soles of a regular boot and motorcycle boot are very different. The selection of the motorcycle boot should be done on the basis of the type of riding one needs to do. A harder sole offers better durability while good grip is offered by a softer sole. In any case the soles must be oil resistant which can protect the downfall of the rider in wet areas.

Protection and Armour

Quality motorcycle boots like TCX Boots are constructed with a view to protect the rider. They come with extra padding and built-in armour made out of plastic, carbon or Kavelar which is placed in highly fragile areas. The regular boots lack this.

Parts Replacement

Many motorcycle boot manufacturers pay good attention to the boot maintenance wherein the biker can change the worn out parts rather than investing in a new pair of boots. Such parts can be taken out and cleaned or aired out. Regular boots do not come with such an option.



Since the quality of the material used in the construction of these boots is superior, these boots last long and also offer good amount of protection. They can endure harsh weather conditions which is not the case with the regular boots.


One big difference between the regular boots and motorcycle boots is their appearance and design. They provide immense comfort, look sporty and match your style quotient too. They are easy on the feet while protecting them from harsh weather conditions and unexpected crashes. The regular boots do not come with many of these features.

Buying motorcycle boots may seem to be a simple task but there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when one needs to invest in a good quality motorcycle boot. Do not mind spending a bit extra as it would be worth it!

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