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How Much Should You Actually Charge Your Phone?

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Does this sound familiar? You just fully charged your phone and after what feels like only 10 minutes, later your phone is dead. It’s an ongoing struggle in the age of smartphones and we may all be to blame. When it comes to charging our phones, there are certain habits that can actually decrease battery lifespan and efficiency, but with a few simple changes, you can make your phone’s battery last until it’s time for your next upgrade.

Should You Leave Your Phone Plugged into Charge Overnight?

Leaving your phone plugged in overnight will not drastically reduce your battery’s life unless you have a case on your phone that doesn’t allow heat to escape. This is because heat can cause cell oxidation in lithium-ion batteries, the types of batteries used in smartphones. As oxidation occurs, the battery’s capacity will be reduced resulting in a shortened lifespan. If you have a case on your phone and still want to charge your phone overnight, just take the case off while charging and you’ll be golden, provided that you…

Unplug Once Fully Charged

Avoid Charge Cycles

If you’re like most people, you probably wait for your phone to completely die (or get towards the danger zone) before recharging. This is called a charge cycle and it can have a major impact on battery life. Phone batteries can only complete a finite amount of charge cycles before they completely die so be sure to plug your phone in before it completely runs out of juice.


How Often Should You Charge Your Phone?

Now that you know waiting until your phone is out of power, or almost out of power, can completely kill your battery, you may be wondering when and how often you should charge your phone. Instead of one long charge a day, it’s best to charge your phone in short, frequent bursts. Keeping your phone above 50 percent charged helps the ions within a lithium-ion battery work at their peak efficiency and avoids subjecting your phone’s battery to full charge cycles.

Unplug Once Fully Charged

Although maintaining a charge above 50 percent is recommended, leaving your phone plugged in after it’s fully charged is not, as it can actually diminish the lifespan of the battery. According to Cadex Electronics’ Battery University, this is because once a phone reaches 100 percent charge, it continues to receive small charges to keep it at 100 percent, which stresses the battery and damages its internal chemistry. It’s best to keep your phone 50 to 80 percent charged to prevent over-stressing the battery or wearing it down too low.


Always Use Quality Accessories and Hardware

When charging any device, it’s best to use quality accessories from the manufacturer of your device or from other trusted, well-known third parties. Cheap chargers from unknown companies don’t always follow proper safety measures, may not work properly, and may wreck your phone and battery.

Another key to getting the most out of your battery is buying a phone with quality hardware. Look for some of the best mobile processors that are energy efficient and feature quick charging, like the Snapdragon 820. Snapdragon’s Quick Charge feature charges phones four times faster than an average charge, charging from 0 to 80 percent in as little as 35 minutes. Although you now know you shouldn’t let your phone plummet to 0 percent battery power, if you find yourself in this situation, a phone with quick charging features can get you back up and run in no time.


Other Tips to Prolong Battery Life

In addition to practicing good charging habits, you can help make your phone charges last longer by making some small adjustments to your phone itself. You can dim your phone’s screen, lessen screen timeout times, and close apps that aren’t in use. Also, turn off vibrate and Bluetooth (when not in use) as both require a lot of battery power to run.

Now that you know the essentials to charging your phone, you can finally overcome the “my phone won’t hold a charge” struggle. Victory is yours!

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