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Music To Your Ears

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How much do you love music? I’m going to guess, quite a lot. From R n B and Motown to opera and heavy metal, you have to admire all the different types that are out there, even if some are not to your personal taste. Whatever you listen to, get your ear or headphones in and start nodding to the beat.

There are so many different types of ways like through Dextro Audio that you can personally listen to your favorite music nowadays. Back in the day, all the rage used to be about standard wired headphones. Do you remember how you plugged them into your Walkman and had to twist the cable to get a good sound? And do you remember how horrible they felt against your ears, how brittle the headphones were and how easily the material came off inside? Well fortunately now, they are things of the past. Hopefully never to be resurrected. Since then, we have had some great, flashier models of headphones with bigger rims that have a comfier material inside as well as producing a better, less tinny sound.


However, like with every product, there are certain disadvantages. Yes, the sound is terrific and sometimes we do just need those moments to relax by sitting alone and listening to music but socially it’s a nightmare. Try talking to people on the tube or the bus instead of staying quiet and listening to your booming music all the time. Furthermore, if you’re walking on the street, how are you going to hear oncoming traffic if your headphones are in and on full blast? Stay alert. Stay focused.



Earphones are another means by which you can listen to your Arctic Monkeys or Simon and Garfunkel’s. Whatever you fancy. Whenever you fancy. Not only are they are less bulky than headphones, perfect for keeping in your pocket, but they are great for keeping in that killer sound and not letting you miss any of those famous Slash guitar solos. They are also a super fit for your ears and rarely slip out. The earphone experts did a great job there!


Like headphones, there are several disadvantages to earphones. Yes, they are not fully round your ear, so you can hear other things around you apart from your music but not all ear types are the same and therefore standard earphones do not fit in everyone’s ear. Earphone makers, to their credit, have tried to rectify this however with different varieties of the item. Furthermore, earphones spread more bacteria than headphones due to the fact there are two of them. When you share your favorite music with a friend, you are possibly sharing or receiving harmful bacteria, depending on who has the dirtier ears! So watch who you’re sharing with and clean them out!

With both ear and headphones, you must also take note of the volume that you listen to music. Put your music too loud and you run the risk of hearing loss. So be careful before you put your music to your ears!

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