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Netflix Blocked: Stepping Guide to Fix It

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Netflix, world’s largest TV, and video streaming service recently announced that it’s going to block actively users from accessing the site using virtual private networks (VPN). VPN is an online service that allows you to access sites that are blocked in your geographical location.

According to the latest tech news, millions of Netflix subscribers log into the U.S version of the service (which contains the highest number of movies and TV shows) using VPN. VPN changes your IP address making Netflix think that you are in U.S while in reality you are in a country or location where you can’t access the full content library.

For years, Netflix has been looking the other way when it comes to VPNs, but it seems to have bowed to pressure from the content creators. According to TV and movie creators, their copyright laws allow movies and TV show to be only shown in the countries that they are created. Since most of the content is made in the USA, the service provider has to agree to the demands.


Guide on how to bypass the VPN block

Although Netflix is actively blocking “outsiders” from accessing the site, news has that you can avoid the blocks using these tricks.

Using reputable VPN

  • There are many VPN service providers that you can go for. For premium services, you have to use the paid versions of these services.
  • When choosing a VPN service provider, you should go for one with many IP addresses to choose from.
  • While you might get away with this trick, Netflix can easily find out that you are masking your identity. The service provider only needs to track where most of its users are connecting from. If it concludes that most of the users are coming from the same IP address, it blacklists it.
  • To access Netflix again, you have to play the cat-and-mouse game and get another IP from another VPN service provider.


Get your IP address

  • Netflix will block the IP address of the VPN service provider only because most of the people are using its IP address to access Netflix. It means that if you access the site using a private VPN, there is no way Netflix can know it.
  • To stop getting blocked you should stop using shared VPNs and get your own VPN from where you can get your unique IP address that can’t be tracked down.
  • There are many ways of getting you own unique IP address. One of the easiest ways is asking a VPN service provider to give you with a unique VPN. Many companies will give you a unique address for a fee. When shopping for the best service providers, you should look for those offering “static IP” or “dedicated IP” addresses.
  • Another way of accessing Netflix despite the blocking is to host your own VPN at home. It is ideal if you are only interested in accessing the U.S version of Netflix. You should host your VPN server on your home internet, and you will be able to connect to it regardless of your location.
  • One of the major flaws with hosting your server on your home internet is that you have limited upload bandwidth as home Internet tends to offer slow upload speeds.
  • To solve this problem, you should consider hosting your VPN on a router. For ideal results, you should ensure that the router has a powerful firmware. If you have a large budget, you can set up an SSH server and host your VPN there.
  • If you have advanced tech skills and ready to manage your server software, you should host your VPN on a hosting service. If you understand what you are doing, you can use any hosting service in the market. To make your work easy, you should go with a service with a graphical control panel.


Third party sites:

Due to the geo-blocking restrictions, many sites such as Getflix, uFlix, and many others have come up. These sites allow users from all over the world access their favorite shows regardless of their locations.

The sites make use of DNS technology that can bypass the geo-blocking. They do this by re-routing certain connections using their U.S servers. The cool thing about them is that they are much faster than VPN. They also provide you with privacy thus you don’t have to worry about your security.

When looking for third party sites, you need to ensure that they meet some criteria. As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that they are user-friendly, able to access your favorite shows, fast, compatible with your devices, and affordable.

Parting shot

Unless you are living on an army base, there is no way you are going to access the U.S version of Netflix without making use of smart tricks.

You can play the cat-and-mouse game with Netflix by moving from one IP address to another and from one VPN service provider to another, but one thing for sure is that the streaming service provider will catch up with you.

To avoid the constant worry of not accessing the site after paying a fee, you should get your own VPN and unique IP address.


Netflix and uFlix have reported that they don’t have any problems and are able to stream the content to their customers. While the sites are still able to bypass the site, the question remains: how long are they going to do it?

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  1. Mick

    February 10, 2016 at 7:47 am

    Hi Kathleen,
    Just a note that Netflix is also blocking the IP ranges of popular Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers, which is the main way of hosting a private VPN. My experience has been that a few different ones have been blocked from the start.


  2. Anthony Mackenzie

    April 5, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Hi Kathleen, there are many VPN provider out there that claims to be the best but there are sites that reviews VPN providers which is good for VPN users


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