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New Look Google+ Local Pages – What’s New in it?

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Google+ Local replaces the Google Places. It is a free platform provided by Google which serves 2 basic purposes: firstly, it aids business owners to increase their visibility on the web and secondly, it helps people to find, review and engage with businesses in their local surroundings. It is more like a business directory that is quite comprehensive and easily accessible. With the available features, its purpose goes beyond being merely a directory for it is also a social tool and is variably interactive.

As the name suggests, Google+ Local pages are created by businesses that are catering to the customers in their locality only. These include accountants, couriers, driving schools, web designing company,  photographers, salons, builders, dentists, gyms, headhunters (recruitment agencies), photographers, real estate agents, plumbers, garages, electricians, caterers, solicitors and others who are found in your neighborhood for the list is not limited to these only.

Every time someone will search something using Google with a local intent involved like ‘caterers in New York’ or ‘Chinese restaurant in London’, three Google+ Local pages will begin to display on the results. These listings are for the local businesses that you have searched for and are quite valuable in their own way. They normally climb up at the top of the standard search results with the business address and phone number displayed on the side. There’s also a direct link for the business location on the map that can be of great help. Alongside that is another valuable direct link of reviews provided by the customers.



Apart from that, following are also a part of the Google+ Local page, when clicked:

  • A short description of the business
  • Opening hours of the business
  • Videos and photos related to the business
  • A rating for the business, out of 5, which is based on previous customer scores.

In order to give your business the visibility it needs, placing it on Google+ Local is a sane thing to do. This platform is not only relevant but also provides a greater reach. Here’s how:

Access to more customers

You want your business to connect with the right customers, at the right time that is when they need it? Google is the best way to do so for it is the first thing that a customer grabs to every time they want to search online. You know it!

Greater Visibility in Search Results

Google+ Local pages can be viewed above the standard search results. If your business is there that means you have gotten yourself just the attention that your business needed. If they are listed in the standard search results, this makes it 2 listings of your business instead of just one.

The Google+ Local pages are also optimized to provide user-friendly results for mobile users as well. With the existence of your business there, you can engage with customers easily and gain their valuable trust. Now you know the importance of Google+ Local. The sooner you start with the relevant keywords, the better. Better start using it today and be prepared to embrace a steady flow of customers coming your way for with Google+ Local, it is definitely possible!

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