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Great Tips To Make Your New Property Overseas Feel Like Home

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If your company is expanding into new territories, you may excited to consider a new city and country as your new home. But it can be quite a challenge to move everything from one country to another. Something as simple as viewing properties to buy isn’t easy on a tight schedule either. And if you have to move your entire family with you, chances are you may have to deal with a few tears too.

To make your overseas move run smoothly, plan everything as far in advance as you possibly can. This is not the time to take on a doer-upper. If you’re going to buy a property in a new city, it’s worth investing in something fresh and new. There are brand new cities, towns, estates, and apartment buildings being built all the time. You can check out these properties for sale in Bangalore to get an idea what might suit you.


If you’re planning on keeping your property back home, you will definitely need to buy more furniture in your new company. This can actually work out cheaper to do than paying for shipping of your old things too. Best of all, the kind of furniture you’ll find locally will be able to withstand the new climate you may be experiencing. Antiques from home may not fare well at all!


Finding schools, local amenities and services is easier than you think. Use a good internet search engine with a page translation tool. This will put you on the right trail of the things you might need if you’re in a foreign country. If you’re moving offices, chances are there is someone local there. They can put together a welcome pack for you. In there you’ll need details of local customs, how to register for new schools and medical care, and where the supermarkets are!

Packing up your personal possessions can be done in stages. Write a list of all the essential items you have to use every day. This might include your phone, your personal laptop or tablet, toiletries and clothing. You’ll also need crockery, cutlery, glasses and cooking facilities. These are the things to pack last. Everything else can be boxed up. That way you can more accurately estimate the shipping container dimensions you’ll need.


When you arrive, unpack the bedrooms first. You can always eat out for a couple of days. But unpacking the bedrooms makes the room more familiar. You can relax and sleep well because it’s full of your personal things. You’ll probably be tired after your journey too. If you have a day or two spare, why not buy some paint and start to personalize your property to your own tastes? Of course, if you’re buying a new property you can specify color palettes and design preferences to the builders. You could even ensure your favorite kitchen design is included.

It’s not easy to settle into a new place in a foreign country. Keep your personal items on display, and ask your housing agent or builder to make the final touches more to your taste. Enjoy your new home!

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