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Newest Gadgets for Living On-The-Go

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It would seem that sedentary life styles are becoming increasingly rare these days. From New York to London to Tokyo, being on-the-go is the new gold standard. If you’re one of these people (and aren’t we all?), these new gadgets are perfectly tailored for your life style. Put them in your bag or on your body, and you’ll be able to work and play – anywhere and anytime – with ease.

1. Smart Watch

Smartphones are so 2007. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the next step in personal communication is the smart watch. And that is because the smart watch provides a form factor and user experience that smartphones simply can’t match. With new devices like Apple’s Watch and Samsung’s Gear S2 gaining traction with each passing day, expect to see more and more smart watches in your near future. Even if you’re a holdout, the appeal of quickly (and subtly) being able to check email and texts on the go will eventually win you over.


2. Portable Hard Drive

Even with email and the cloud available everywhere, sometimes you need a “hard” copy of a digital file, and for that, you’ll want a thumb drive or portable external hard drive. One of the newest and best options is Samsung’s T3 external solid state drive. Smaller than the size of your hand and featuring advanced thermal protection (and no moving parts – less things to break), it offers up to two terabytes of storage. Try emailing yourself your entire music catalog, and you’ll suddenly see the benefit of a portable hard drive!


3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Being on the go means being surrounded by people, cars, dogs, trains, bicycles, and all manner of other distractions. If you want to block out the world, there’s no better option than noise-canceling headphones. Listen to music with unparalleled clarity, or simply put them on during the train ride home for a bit of peace and quiet. Thankfully, when it comes to choices, you have many. For example, Sony noise-canceling earbuds (including wireless earbuds) and noise-canceling headphones are available at multiple price points, in multiple form factors. Try them on and be amazed as your world goes quiet.

4. MacBook (or Chromebook)

The benefits of a laptop are somewhat self-evident these days. Slim, lightweight, highly portable, and incredibly powerful, today’s laptops make desktop computers a bit redundant and unnecessary. Easily thrown in a bag, backpack, brief case, or even a large purse, laptops like Apple’s new MacBook and Google’s Chromebook give you the power of the office no matter where you are. Choose the one that suits your tastes and bring your office with you.


5. Portable Charger

Until someone invents the Everlasting Gobstopper of batteries, you’ll want to have a portable charger on hand to ensure there’s always a bit of juice left in your smartphone or laptop. You could try and rely on available outlets at your local coffee shop of course, but we have two words for you: good luck! With potent portable chargers available for less than $30, there’s really no reason not to have one in your bag.

6. Mirrorless Camera

Everyone uses their phones to take pictures these days. And it’s easy to understand why. We take our phones with us everywhere, and the cameras on our phones are just good enough that we can’t complain with the results. But anyone who thinks their phone camera is as good as a dedicated camera is kidding themselves. The good news is that dedicated cameras keep getting smaller and smaller. For the ultimate in portability and performance, a mirror less camera like Sony’s new a6300 does the trick. You get the capabilities of a DLSR (interchangeable lenses and superior sensor quality) with the portability, form factor, and lightness of a point-and-shoot.


7. Fitness Tracker

When it comes to fitness trackers, the biggest name in town is FitBit, and the company’s newest offering, the Alta, is set to do for fitness trackers what Apple and Samsung have done with smart watches – show that they can be stylish. With a wide range of accessory bands – in metal, leather, and other materials – and clock faces now available, FitBit wants your fitness tracker to fit in with your wardrobe as seamlessly as your old leather watch does. If you’re on the fitness tracker train, the Alta is the latest and greatest.

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