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No Employee Is An Island

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For many modern businesses, the need to cut down on unnecessary expenses means the difference between surviving and failing. So many startups think they have a lot more money to play with than they actually have, so they need to find a way to cut back. While many will go for the staff or the resources, the office itself may be a viable solution. Look at the expenses an office brings. From rent to maintenance costs, it is a big cost that you could potentially do without, and because of tech, you can do without it! Here is how you can keep track of your employees even though they are nowhere to be seen!

Make The Most Of Web Chat

For a lot of people who work from home and depending on the detail of the job, a simple instant message may be all you need to clear up some basic issues. Don’t underestimate the importance of leaving staff to their own devices. For some line managers, this may sound like a terrible idea, but it actually shows your workers that you trust them. Web chats are simple, effective, and you have no time to write an essay to them. Say what you need to say and send it!


Never Underestimate The Telephone

You can easily get blindsided by tech, but if you need to clear up an issue, have you thought about calling them? An email is great to lay out issues and concerns, but it isn’t the best way to instigate a dialogue. Some business phones, like the CCMN avaya phones, get the job done. And with many business phones, the option to bring other people into the conversation is easily done. The phone may not be considered to be an up to date approach to communication but it’s simple, and even technophobes know how to use a telephone! It’s win-win!



Cloud Software

The one big issue with having all your staff working remotely is that there is minimal scope for collaboration. Luckily, there are a lot more tools being created for this purpose now in business, and cloud software is probably the oldest yet best way of simply editing work or discussing ideas between a few people. Cloud computing has many positives in terms of the amount of memory, as well as the fact that there are a lot more protection methods with your cloud service provider, but as everyone can work together on one idea means that your business is still pushing forward.


And If You Need To Be Face To Face

Conferencing software is in abundance now, which is of great quality and allows for communication to be crystal clear in audio, and if you really need to set up a face to face meeting, you can get a virtual office or just simply Skype your staff. Even for the most basic of startups, you can easily use free software or apps like Facetime on your phone. A lot of businesses communicate this way, and as a basic measure for liaising with your remote staff, it is incredibly effective.


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