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It’s Not What You Know – The Startup Guide To Building Relationships

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As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” For that reason, it’s vital that all entrepreneurs learn how to build relationships with other business owners. Like it or not, you can’t succeed in the corporate landscape alone. You will have to network with other relevant firms and make mutually beneficial deals. Today, we’re going to highlight some of the best ways to navigate the process. Hopefully, you will leave us today with a better understanding of how to get it right. We’ll show you how to meet the right people, and how to approach the relationship-building task.

Use Specialist Social Networks

Specialist social networks like LinkedIn could help you to identify the best partners. So, you need to open an account as soon as possible. You can then search for other professionals based on their skills, expertise, and industry. That makes the process of finding the right people easier than ever before. You can drop them an email and start the ball rolling straight away. Maybe you’ve launched a power firm, and you need a mapping expert? Utility mapping by Utiliscan could be an essential part of your business plan for safety reasons. Well, you’d have no trouble identifying the right people to contact. The same goes for people who might have started a manufacturing company. You might require expert CAD design services or something similar. Whatever you need, you will find the right people on LinkedIn.


Attend Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions are another great way of networking with suitable entrepreneurs. You just need to search online for a list of the most relevant events in your home country. In some instances, you could even pay a fee to have a stall at the venue. That would increase the chances of you meeting someone who could benefit your company. Just ensure you pay professional designers to come up with eye-catching graphics. If you do that, lots of people should stop for a chat as they make their way to the event. Of course, some won’t have enough time to stop and talk. So, you should also create printed materials they can take away.



Arrange Face to Face Meetings

When it comes to making all the final arrangements, you should always organize face to face meetings. That removes the chance of any confusion and ensures all parties are on the same page. Also, you’ll learn more about the entrepreneurs if you can sit down in the same room with them. While Skype and other video calling platforms make life easier, they’re not suitable for meetings of that nature. Make sure you look the part and arrive with all the correct information. That way, you can answer any questions and ensure everyone understands their role in the new deal.

You should now feel a little more confident when it comes to building business relationships. There are lots of guides and articles available online if you need more information. The basic rule of thumb is that you always need to keep your eyes open for the best opportunities. They often come along when you’re busy concentrating on other things. We wish you the best of luck, and hope that your company strives forward in 2017!

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