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Not Making Money As A Contractor? These Are The Vital Qualities You’re Missing

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Home contracting can be a very lucrative business to get yourself into. However, the truth is that you have a lot of competition and some of them give the business a bad name. People still need renovators, plumbers, construction crews and the like. But they’re a lot pickier. So here’s how you make sure you’re their pick of the litter.

#1: Proof

There aren’t as many cowboys amongst the contractors as a lot of people might imagine. But that doesn’t matter. The perception is there so you have to do everything in your power to change it. Make sure that you and anyone working under you has the licenses they need for their kind of work. Display your qualifications proudly as part of your marketing. You can go as far as giving customers the details they need to cross-reference it.


#2: Team

As well as licensed and insured, your staff needs to be a team. This means hiring people you can trust to delegate to. If hiring a contractor as a consumer is difficult, imagine how picky you have to be as a contractor picking other contractors. Define what qualities make up the best candidate for the job, not just the skills. For instance, if yours is a brand of clean-cut professionalism, they need to fit that image in their demeanour. Don’t forget that not all staff will be out there doing the graft, either. Consider what marketing and administrative staff you might need.



#3: Safety

To grow as a business, you need staff to help and income to feed the business. One way to easily destroy both of those is to neglect the safety of your staff. Training, maintenance, and oversight are vital. To make sure that your equipment is on top form, you should make sure all of it passes PUWER inspections as well.


#4: Accuracy

So, a customer might trust that you’re able to deliver safely and effectively. But how do they know that you’re not ripping them off? The answer lies in being able to show them exactly how you come to the pricing you offer them. You can use things like contracting estimation software. These break down costs and provide estimates without embellishment or error. There’s little complaint anyone can offer when the costs are laid out as clear as day to them.


#5: Specialization

Branding is an important aspect of any company. You might think that showing your license, your trustworthiness and pricing might be enough. But people want more than ‘enough’. They want quality. So don’t be afraid to wear your specializations on your sleeve. Don’t fear that you’re marketing too narrow. People respond much more positively to businesses who show a certain degree of expertise in one field more than the other. It also helps you focus your marketing towards the specific audience of that field.

The evidence is what makes a better choice. If you prop yourself up as the provider of evidence and show why you’re the trustworthy choice, you’re a lot more likely to win trust and business. Above anything else, appearing above the board is what makes you profitable.

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