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How Your Office Affects Your Work

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A lot of business owners underestimate how much the office environment can affect someone’s work. Here are some of the factors you should be thinking about!


Employees need to be comfortable. That might seem like an odd thing to say when we’re talking about work. After all, since when has someone’s job been associated with comfort? Isn’t a little discomfort a good thing – so you remember that you’re not here to have fun?

That’s not really a healthy outlook. The fact is that your employees should be so comfortable than they don’t even think all that much about their comfort. Uncomfortable chairs and desks will distract them and cause them pain.


Distance from amenities


When your office is in a big, busy city, this brings plenty of advantages and disadvantages. For business owners, your main focus might be on the fact that you’ll probably get more business. For everyone else in your company, they’re probably very happy to have a job in the city.


The positive thing about working in the heart of a popular city is that you’re never far away from amenities. Cool places to eat, good entertainment opportunities, cultural hotspots… These things are in plentiful supply in a city. This helps with worker satisfaction, which will help productivity. Remember, though, that the commute and the prices in the area can also increase employee stress.


An office should feel like a place where someone can work in peace. If your office lets in too much noise from the outside, then that’s going to distract people. This isn’t exactly what you want – you need them to focus!


Of course, most distractions will stem from things on which office design will have no bearing. But if your office is itself loud and crowded, then that’s not going to help stay focused on their task. Make sure everyone in the office respects each other’s need to pay attention.

Productivity and design

The design of the office itself can have surprising effects on a given worker’s productivity. The color of the walls, the shape of the rooms, the number of break areas available, the lighting… All of these things affect employee comfort and satisfaction. Which means that they can either improve or damage an employee’s productivity.


It can be very difficult to tell if a particular office is going to have a negative or a positive effect on your workers. A lot of business owners are willing to make changes if they find that the office isn’t very well-designed. Amazing fitouts from Acacia can help employers make the changes they feel they need to make.


If you work in a cramped, busy office, then that’s not going to do anyone any favors. It will get very hot and uncomfortable quite quickly, for one. It can also result in more distractions and stress. And you can say goodbye to your chances of hiring anyone with a hint of claustrophobia!

If you’re running out of space, you should consider moving into a bigger office. You should also consider removing any items that you don’t desperately need for your business.

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