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Your Office? It Needs As Much Care As Your Work!

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Do you take pride and care in the work that your business produces? You should! Taking pride in your work is guaranteed to leave you satisfied at the end of each and every working day.

Do you look after your employees? Well, you should. Your employees are the working hive of your business, and if they are looked after and motivated, they will carry you to the good times.

Finally, do you look after your workplace? Maybe not. Work and life can get in the way and be looking after the workplace can be seen as something you don’t have to worry about. The thing is, a good workplace can do all the motivation for you. If you look after your workplace, it’s going to look after your work. Take pride in your place of work and look after it as though it’s your latest piece!



Start off by keeping it clean. Not only is dust and dirt bad for your health, it can clog up your computers. Not only will you have staff taking time off for sickness, your systems are going to fail. If you’re lucky enough to avoid that, you’re still going to have some sad staff members, because after all, who likes working in a dirty environment? Hire some good commercial cleaners and don’t worry about dusting things off at the end of the day. It’ll save you from a lot of future problems in terms of staff and systems.

Now that your office is finally spotless, what comes next? Maybe you should consider the layout of your room. Allow staff to sit wherever they please and ensure that the layout is working for the business. A good layout should allow communication easily. Bring your team together, don’t spread them out. This will help your team communicate and come up with more ideas. Get them speaking!

Allow your staff to bring their personalities to work and let them customize their workspace, going to work shouldn’t be about shutting down and shutting off, it should still involve your life.


Let your employees be themselves at work and don’t restrict this. Of course, if someone is sticking Star Wars stickers everywhere, a quiet word may be needed.

Consider the furniture of the office as well, is it comfortable? If not, make it so! Buy new furniture and desks if they are failing your staff. Remember that their bottoms are going to be planted in these seats for most of the day, so they should be comfortable at the very least. Furniture should take into account the needs of your staff, so be sure to note down any special accessibility needs.

Finally, ask your staff questions. What about the office works for them? What doesn’t? Use this feedback to change your workplace for the better. It shouldn’t be hard to do this, get to know your staff.

A better workplace is going to boost morale and productivity. Make your office a place to look forward to, rather than a place to escape from.

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