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Open the Floodgates: Getting Traffic to Your Website

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Online marketing is the way forward. You’ll hear it everywhere. Unless you have an advert that is going to be on the Super Bowl telecast, there’s simply no way to get close to the potential outreach of the Internet. So you need to know how to utilise this potential properly. You have to drive traffic to your website and turn those clicks into customers.

Have a look at these tips; they may be of great use to you.

Social Media

There’s never been a better way of communicating directly with customers. Social media is also a great platform for getting your personality across. Don’t worry too much if you don’t think your business is sexy enough to get millions of Twitter followers. To get people following, you have to be delivering great content. This can come in the form of joking with customers or participating in trending topics. If your Twitter or Facebook pages have interesting content, people will follow. And once they’re following, you can post adverts that will be seen by millions.



Getting the Right Images

The thing that people are most likely to share on social media is images. This is very handy for you. Why? Because images have always been the most popular and effective way of marketing. Think of all those food advertisements. It wasn’t the lush descriptions of the food that had people grabbing the products off the shelves. It was the perfectly shot photos, the ones that made the product look crisp and sweet and succulent.

Magazines and then television were the traditional ways of getting images to the masses. Now it’s social media. Create a great image that people will want to spend more than a second looking at. If people like an image, they’ll share it. Bam.


Get your Website Prepared

Through your Twitter or Facebook page, there should be a link to your full website. You have a proper website, right? You shouldn’t just rely on social media. As useful as they are, you will always be restricted by the platform you’re on. Certain Facebook or Twitter regulation and limits will prevent you from really showing off what your company can do.

That’s because the key to getting a person’s attention is to have an amazing website. It should be filled with information and interesting content. The design should be intuitive and beautiful; easy to navigate and filled with striking images. Remember to make the landing page – the first page the user sees – as demonstrative of your talent as possible.

You should also make sure you have the technology to keep your website up! If you suddenly get a lot of traffic on your website and you servers aren’t equipped to deal with this, your website can go down. That costs you future traffic and interest. This problem affects a lot of small business. Get an IT company such as YJT Solutions to ensure the technology at your end is prepared to handle heavy traffic.


Keep Everything Updated

You can’t just set up a great website or social media account and leave it at that. You have to make sure all of them are updated. This keeps your content looking fresh. It also ensures users know you’re current, in the loop, up-to-date. Best of luck to you!

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