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How Oral Health can Affect the Body Health

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Maintaining oral hygiene is something people are taught since early years of life. Nice smile and healthy teeth and gums are not only socially acceptable construct when it comes to beauty, but a first sign of someone’s general health and care. Most people do not realize that some of the main causes for different health issues can be bacteria, and mouth can be a great source of bacteria if it is not kept clean.

Dangers of Mouth Bacteria

Basically, if the teeth health and cleanliness is not properly maintained, bacteria buildup on the teeth gets bigger. In time, if nothing is done to stop this, bacteria starts attacking the gums, which can lead to gum infection and inflammation. If nothing is done to prevent this either, inflammation can become severe and lead to serious gum disease called periodontitis that subsequently can cause some other health issues throughout the body.


Gum Disease and Diabetes

The strange relationship between gum infections and diabetes can pose a serious problem since periodontitis prevents the proper use of insulin and the ability to control blood sugar in general. On the other hand, diabetes as a disease creates space for infections to occur. Still, this circular cause and effect can become the patient’s advantage if treated properly – curing one problem can help with the other.



The Risk of Heart Disease

Oral hygiene should definitely not be taken lightly since no matter how incredible it sounds and the connection is still not quite clear, there is a definite link between periodontitis and heart disease. What seems to be the biggest problem regarding teeth and gums that can cause such a serious heart condition is again, inflammation in the mouth. Oral inflammation can cause inflammation of blood vessels that then do not allow the proper blood flow which can cause the higher blood pressure and heart problems.

Problems during Pregnancy

Hormonal change in pregnancy can increase the woman’s risk of periodontitis. There are many other factors that can cause premature birth and problems regarding development of the fetus but the sole fact gum disease can be one of those factors is reason enough for every pregnant lady to check the health of her gums.

Periodontitis and Osteoporosis

The link between the osteoporosis and gum disease might be even more obscure than the one regarding heart health, but they do have bone loss in common and it is clear that most people who suffer from osteoporosis also experience troubles with their oral health and vice versa. The connection might be explained with general weakening of the bones and the influence one part of the body can have on the other when bones are concerned.


Lung Problems

The respiratory problems and other lung diseases can have their main cause in periodontitis. Basically, bacteria from the mouth can travel to lungs thus causing pneumonia and respiratory problems or it can worsen the existing poor health condition of lungs.

Proper Oral Health

Mouth and body do not operate separately and therefore it is clear that they can influence each other. Regular teeth brushing, flossing and dentist visits are a must for healthy mouth. It is also important to talk to the dentist about all other health problems you might be experiencing so that proper treatments and orthodontics procedures can be done as soon as possible. You might take proper care of your teeth but even some irregularities such as wisdom teeth growing in a wrong direction can cause gum inflammations and therefore some orthodontic work is more than necessary.

If you want to live a healthy life, do not take anything for granted. Your level of responsibility determines the proper functioning of your whole body, mouth included.

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