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Packing Up Your Kitchen For A Successful Move

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Moving can be very challenging but the one room in the house that people dread packing up the most is often the kitchen. This is the one room in the house that is crammed with large and small electrical appliances, liquids, breakable plates and bowls and potentially dangerous sharp blades.  

You need to plan this very carefully or you risk finding a load of smashed bottles and broken plates when you arrive at your new home. The key to success is to engage a firm of professional movers who will be able to provide you with all the bubble wrap, boxes and professional advice that you will need so that your kitchen contents can be safely moved to your new location. Here are some tips on how you can make your kitchen move go smoothly.

Preparing Kitchen Appliances for the Move

If your kitchen appliances are fairly new, you may still have the original boxes that they were supplied in. These will be ideal for transporting the appliances safely. Otherwise, you will need a range of medium-sized packing boxes.


Before you start packing, make sure each appliance is completely clean. However, it is also important to make sure that it is thoroughly dry. Remove all of the smaller parts and fragile items from the appliance. Find the manual (if you still have it) and tape it to the front of the appliance. You will need this to help you put your appliance back together in your new home!


Now, wrap each of the fragile elements in bubble wrap and wrap the metal and plastic pieces in a double layer of newspaper. Now put the heaviest parts of the appliance into the box and add the other lighter elements. Pack around all the elements with scrunched up newspaper to prevent them moving around inside the box. Finally, seal up the lid of the box with strong tape and apply a label.

Crockery and Bowls

Choose a small box for transporting crockery. It is best to use several small boxes in preference to one large box because it could break under the weight and will be difficult to carry. Prepare the box by putting two layers of bubble wrap in the bottom. Then wrap each plate, cup, and bowl in a thin layer of packing paper and stack them in the box. Put larger plates and bowls at the bottom. Every three layers add in a sheet of bubble wrap for added security. Very fragile items like wine glasses need to be wrapped individually in tea towels or old items of clothing and placed carefully in the box.

Cooking Saucepans and Dishes

You will need to use a slightly larger box for these. To find the right size box, place the biggest pan in the box horizontally and then diagonally. If you can close the lid securely, it is the right size.

Pans do not have to be wrapped but glass lids will need a layer of bubble wrap and then they can be placed underneath the handles of the pans.


Food Items

The best thing you can do with food is get rid of a lot of it by eating it before you move! Throw out anything that is past its expiration date. Use tote bags to transport the rest.

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