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The Perks Of Public Service

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The public sector is the part of the economy controlled by the government, and it employs around 20 percent of the workforce in most countries. Things in the public sector are a little different to the private sector. Thanks to unions, labor regulations and special favors, working in the public sector often beats out working in the private sector. Here are some of the perks that you can expect.

The Salary

Most people think that people in the public sector get paid less than in the private sector. But a quick look at the data shows that this isn’t true. Wages in the public sector are usually higher for equivalent work. Often, the hours are lower as well.


The Atmosphere

Because nobody has a choice whether to pay for government services or not, the atmosphere in the public sector isn’t as demanding. The public sector doesn’t have to react to the needs of consumers: instead, it follows the instructions of policy makers. According to Bright Network, public sector workers aren’t pushed as hard as their private sector counterparts. They aren’t challenged to the same degree, meaning that they have more time to spend with their families.


The Training

Training is ongoing in the public sector and is designed to help a person progress in their career over the long term. Things like government leadership and training for graduates is usually provided, just as it is in the private sector. Many government departments see training their staff as a priority, so there are usually many roles and opportunities open to those with ambition and the desire to succeed.


The Benefits

Unlike the private sector, the public sector continues to offer pension schemes and other benefits, all at the expense of taxpayers. These includes things like free gym memberships, and the ability to get discounts at local restaurants.

The Flexibility

Flexible working has taken the economy by storm in recent decades, as people have struggled to get their work-life balance right. With both parents working, there is an increasing demand for more flexibility so that people can look after their kids. The public sector, like other industries in the economy, has been quick to adapt to flexible working, with most public sector employers now offering packages that allow staff to work a core number of hours a month.


The Stability

One of the things that draw people to public service is the fact that their jobs are stable. Because of government backing, they don’t have to weather the vicissitudes of the market, like most people. Instead, they are in the privileged position of not having to worry about where their next paycheck will come from.

With that in mind, the public sector is a great field for people who desire stability over risk.

Being Able To Make A Difference

People in the private sector often transform the lives of entire populations: just look at the impact that entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs have had. But that doesn’t mean that public sector workers can’t have an impact too, if only in a small way. There are plenty of opportunities to improve the livelihoods of others, one-on-one, like nursing or education.

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