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Personal Injury Claim: What You Need To Know

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In a world where we choose to listen to the news, and to the facts, that suit us and relate to our situations, it is more than likely that you have come across some form of information regarding personal injury claims. There are adverts, there are news stories, and there are buzz terms like ‘no win no fee’ and ‘crash for cash’. But, even though your ears may prick at the sound of these because it relates to an incident you have been involved in, how do you know whether you have a viable claim? It’s a tricky one, especially morally because, too many times, victims are too scared of coming forward out of fear of adding to this compensation culture we live in. Well, as a rule of thumb, if you have been involved in the accident or sustained an injury that was through no fault of your own, you have every right to put forward a claim and seek compensation. And to help you, we have compiled a list of advice to help you go through the motions and take the right steps.

What constitutes an accident?

This is the question that puts off a lot of victims because they aren’t aware of what actually constitutes an accident deemed worthy of filing a complaint. As such, you can only file a claim if you were subjected to an injury caused by negligence on the part of another person, whether that be an individual, a business or an authority. Of course, you will need to gather all the evidence you can to support any claim.


Common claims:

  • Work-based accident whereby your employer failed to meet the health and safety regulations required by law
  • Injury caused by a defective product
  • Injury caused by a poorly maintained pavement or sidewalk that offered no warning

How do you launch a claim?

As with anything in law, there are several options available to you when it comes to filing a compensation claim. The most direct option is to seek compensation alone; that is without the support or guidance of a lawyer. While this will save you from incurring any costs, there are several distinct negatives attached to going it alone. The legal process is typically a labyrinth for anyone who is not familiar with proceedings. They are convoluted processes that require a lot of research, paperwork, understanding and patience. A such, we recommend you seek the help of experts and hire an expert firm to help you through the process. The experts at www.warriorsforjustice.com will be able to guide you from the outset and confirm whether your claim is viable or not.



What are the next steps?

Any expert in the field of personal injury will then discuss every detail relating to the case they possibly can. This is to get a better picture of the events, so be as honest as you can. It will also offer you a chance to show them any evidence you have collected. Given the competition in this area of law is high, a lot of lawyers will offer you a ‘no win no fee’ deal. As such, they will want to keep their success rate and high and will only take on cases they believe they can win. So, if they take on your case, they will then start collating evidence, and the previous precedent set by law, to build a solid case against the negligent party ready for court.

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