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Why Your Photographs Never Seem To Come Out How You Would Like

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We’ve all been there. We take a picture of something that looks fantastic in real life. But then when we review the work, it’s lost some of its lustre. If that’s you, fear not. You’re not alone. What’s more, the problem is probably quite simple to fix. Let’s have a look at some of the mistakes you’re making as a new photographer.

Colors Are Too Strong

At heart, most photographers are artists. Therefore, big, bold colors would seem like a good thing. Tweaking real life to look a little brighter and sharper can add creative flair. But all too often, novices will over saturate colors. This doesn’t look creative; it looks unnatural. And that can ruin the appeal of a good photograph. One of the main reasons why this happens for amateurs is that their monitor colors aren’t correctly calibrated. You might not know this, but most monitors don’t ship from the factory with properly calibrated colors. For whatever reason, they leave color calibration to you. Fortunately, sites like wikihow provide step-by-step guides on how to do this properly, so we won’t discuss it further here. Also, the type of panel your monitor has also affects color saturation. In-plane-switching monitors have more accurate colors than their twisted nematic equivalents. If you’ve got a cheap monitor, it’s highly likely that it is a twisted nematic variety. Colors will look washed out, meaning that, in post processing, you’re likely to overcompensate.



You’re Not Close Enough To Your Target

One of the first things you learn on photography courses is the importance of composition. The subject of your photograph must be in proportion to the photo itself. There’s no point sitting back and snapping from a distance like you’re some kind of sniper. Shots like this always fail to create an impact. Instead, get in close and use your wide angle lens. You’ll find that getting close to your subject works in both portrait and landscape. And it helps make that which is important loom large in the frame.


Lack Of HDR

High-dynamic-range is getting a lot of press attention at the moment in the tech world. And it’s not hard to see why. Finally, we’re getting monitors and optical equipment that can represent deep blacks alongside whites. The problem here is that many people don’t use HDR to its full effect. HDR is designed to bring out deep blacks and shades of bright whites. And it works very well when these two extremes are contrasted in a single photo. Done right, it looks great. But all too often novice photographers will forget about HDR. And the result is that their photos take on exclusively middle tones. The result? Something that looks both fake and washed out.


Composition Is Wrong

When new photographers get started, all the tech that comes with modern photography is exciting. But sometimes it can distract them from the basics, like composition. Remember, composition is all about making taking a photograph that makes sense. Many photographers don’t frame their photos using straight lines to focus the gaze of the viewer. But it’s something that’s really easy to do. You could use a lamp post or even a tree branch.


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  1. Stratman

    October 22, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Great article.

    If I have anything to comment, it’s that you are using my original image of the EOS 6D camera, which is from my personal Flickr photostream and did not provide a link back to my original image at flickr.

    As a blogger on photography, you should know better to give credit to the original photographer for using their images.

    Thank you for your kind understanding!



    • Karthik Linga

      October 22, 2016 at 2:15 pm

      Hey, Stratman !

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused by us. Will do better credits to all original images in future to all, Now we have link back to your flickr photo link.. Please check it on..

      Thanks for your kind notification.


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