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Pinterest Worthy: Cute, Easy DIYs To Spruce Up Your Home

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Bored of your surroundings? If you feel like sprucing up a room in your home, you don’t need a huge amount of money to do so! Thanks to the joys of sites like Pinterest, creative inspiration is never in short supply, and there are lots of DIYs and fun crafts you can do which don’t cost much money. Here are just a few ideas.

Gallery Wall (Easy)

Gallery walls are a fun way to bring personality into a room, especially if everywhere else is quite plain these make a real statement. You can buy frames from dollar stores or places like Ikea without breaking the bank. Decide on the placement; you could hang them in a grid or go with something a bit more adventurous. And then the fun part, filling them! If you have a couple of prints and postcards and things that you already love they can easily be framed and become part of the design. The others you can make and print yourself. You don’t have to be a creative genius to come up with some cute styles- in fact; simple is sometimes better. You could create prints of your favorite quotes and sayings, free online programs like Picmonkey have different fonts and things you can play around with. Print, hang, and you’re good to go! If you’re more advanced, you could play around with shapes and filters on Photoshop. If you’re a dab hand at photography you could display some of your favorite pieces. If you get bored or want to change your color scheme in the future simply replace the prints, it costs almost nothing to do, and it’s a great way to work on your creativity.


Seasonal Wreath (Moderate)

Wreaths don’t have to just be for Christmas! An autumnal leaf wreath in the fall looks stunning on any door; you can create floral wreaths for spring or for special occasions like Easter or Valentines Day. Since Christmas has been and gone but we’re still in winter, a wintery wreath would make a gorgeous addition to any door. A rattan wreath base makes a gorgeous rustic starting point; you can buy these from craft shops. From there, add things like foliage, flowers (real or faux) pine cones, and any other seasonal extras you can find on a winter’s walk. Cordless hot melt glue guns make it simple to securely attach your decorations to the base. But play around with how everything looks and make sure you’re happy with it before putting it together. Finish with an ice blue bow and hang your wreath on your front door. Beautiful!



Upcycled Furniture (Advanced)

Upcycling furniture is good for the environment since it reduces waste going to landfill and also means there’s less demand for factories producing new furniture. Plus you get a stunning, unique piece once you’re finished. Scour junk shops, eBay, local Facebook groups and other classified sites for people getting rid of solid wood furniture. It’s often sold cheaply or given away for free as it can look old fashioned and shabby. But providing it’s sturdy (no signs of rot, water damage or warping) you can bring it back up to scratch when you know how. Carefully sanding the wood and applying a fresh coat of paint will instantly transform it. This can be time-consuming and fiddly, but it’s worth the effort. Changing up the hardware such as drawer handles and legs will again modernize and alter how the piece looks. You could then finish it off by adding brightly colored drawer liners or statement wallpaper to the insides of the drawers for a bold pop of color or pattern when you open them.


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