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8 Amazing Planning Tips for Kids Summer Camps

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Summer Camp is always the best time for kids to make new friends and learn new things. These camps provide various activities for kids when they are off school. With the number of kids enrolling in summer camps growing every year, the onus of organizing a well planned summer camp is put on the organizers. Organizers need to figure how many children to accept in the camp and how many activities to plan for the children. They also need to appoint counselors and safe staying arrangements during the camp. The best thing to do is come up with a committee to plan the camp so that different responsibilities are with different individuals and specific people can be held accountable for anything going wrong.

How To Plan A Summer Camp?

Here are a 8 tips on how to go about planning a successful summer camp.

#1: Plan A Theme

The one thing that kids love is themes. They love it if things have a purpose and this adds a fun element to the camp as well. The theme for the summer camp will also give kids an idea of what to expect. For example if you organize a football themed summer camp, enthusiastic football aspirants and kids who love the game would enroll. You can also name the camp something as exciting as ‘Amazing Adventures‘, which will tell kids that they can look forward to adventure activities. Themes like ‘skill camp’ can interest children who love painting or craft.



#2: Adventure Sports

One of the best things of a summer camp that a kid can look forward to is activities. Organizing adventure sports like river crossing, rock climbing, paragliding, rappelling, etc. can get kids interested in the camp. Planning such activities requires care and expert supervision. The first thing that needs to be taken care of is the safety and security of kids. Also ensure that kids are not forced to perform any activities that they are not comfortable with. It is always important to encourage kids in these camps and help them perform these activities with ease.


#3: Summer Games

Since most summer camps are overnight programs, it is important to keep kids occupied all the time. All these activities need to revolve around the theme and should be interesting and fun. Activities like sack race, scavenger hunt, and relays can be organised to keep the interest level of the kids intact.

#4: Nature And Science

Summer camps should always include a couple of days towards nature and science related activities. This could be anything like conducting experiments or finding names of trees around the camp. Try and make it a fun activity so that kids do not complain about boredom.


#5: Spare Free Time

Always allocate some free time for kids to be on their own. Let them enjoy the calm and peace of the surroundings. This will also give their body and mind time to recover from the activities of the camp.

#6: Counselors

A summer camp has to be planned with counselors and doctors part of it. In case a kid starts feeling home sick or starts getting depressed for failing in the camp activities, these counselors and doctors play a huge part in helping them regain mental and physical fitness.

#7: Organize A Special Day

One should also organize a special day at the summer camp. This could be similar to an annual day hosted by a school. It can be in the form of a party or a celebration with fun and games involved. Distribute gifts and sweets among children to liven their morale. One can also organize a talent day or a cultural day, where kids can showcase their talent or dress in their traditional attire.


#8: Art Day

Apart from doing the above, a day dedicated to the artistic and creative side of the children should also be organized. Kids love to think and innovate. Encourage this quality in them and get them to draw something for their parents or even decorate the camp.

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