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Popular Conservatory Styles for those who are Looking for One!

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Conservatories are of different shapes and sizes. While some are simple glass rooms, others come with spectacular glazed extensions. You can have exciting choices but keeping in mind, the money and time investment factors, things can go a little messy. Therefore, it is necessary to research a little and know a few styles before you decide to get one for you. Here are a few tips that will help you to select the best conservatory among various styles.


Before anything else, decide the purpose for getting a conservatory. Conservatories can be used as a garden room, for growing plants or for keeping pets. These needs require the basic form of conservatory that can be accessed through an existing door from your home. You might need a conservatory to spend lazy, summer afternoons. This too requires the basic style but find out the impact of its temperature on the rest of your house. If you want it to use as a study room or as another daily use room for the whole year, you have to consider its size, style and interior features more carefully. Most people use it as a living room that will add space to their house. Others need them for storage purpose or providing space to their children for playing. Find out your purpose before buying one.


These are some of the popular conservatory styles:

  • Victorian: This is an older and popular form of conservatory that has a bay front, pitched roof and ornate roof ridge. They are the most popular ones because they suit all kinds of house, be they period property or a new build. The Victorian conservatory can be fashioned in any design you like, for example Gothic doors and windows, just in the manner of Victorian era.
  • Lean to conservatory: This is the simplest type of conservatory, also known as Mediterranean. This is going to be the best option for you if you are on a tight budget. These can also be called sun rooms or garden rooms since they bring a flavour of the Mediterranean into your home by trapping the winter sunlight and changing it into heat through the glass.
  • Edwardian or Georgian conservatory: They are more or less similar to the Victorian style that usually comes with a flat front and in rectangular shape. If you want to add a classy or traditional look to your house, this is the one for you. The side walls are glazed to the floor which gives a great feeling of depth and allows its feet to blend into the garden of your house.
  • Gable conservatory: These are unique in the sense that they are characterized by the structure of their roof. It gives a sense of height by not sloping into the centre, rather staying upright.
  • P-shape conservatory: If you’re looking for larger and empty space, this is the one for you. It is a blend of lean-to and Victorian or Edwardian style that creates a ‘P’ shape. It is more flexible and thus more popular.
  • T-shape conservatory: This comes with a central projection that extends across the most width of your home. If you have detached houses and large gardens, this is the one for you.
  • Lantern roof conservatory: In order to create more space and a room of luxury, you can go for this style in which a glass lantern roof is added to a more solid roof structure. Popular in orangeries.
  • Tilted roof conservatory: They have a fully tilted roof instead of a glass one. Therefore they are used more like an extension.


Since this is going to be a heavy investment for you, don’t get deceived. Know all the pros and cons before you settle on a particular type. May be you could contact the conservatory companies, Hampshire for more details and take their service which has always been of a high merit. Also, make sure that you get proper materials and workers for such purpose and look for the regular maintenance as well. Once it is built, enjoy the warmth and comfort of your conservatory.


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