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Positive Environments For Self Recovery

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Is there something happening in your life that has knocked you down and made you feel unhappy? Perhaps you have experienced a death in the family, or are going through a messy divorce. Maybe the issue is still ongoing, such as an addiction you just can’t shake, or a toxic relationship or colleague. Whatever the scenario, here are three positive environments where you can find self-recovery.

Get into Nature

If you feel like you’ve recently lost touch with yourself, this could be a perfect solution for you. Time after time, people swear by the power of spending time in nature. In getting out into the great outdoors, they rediscover a connection. This connection is both with the wildlife, trees, water or sands that surrounds you. Even if you have never considered yourself an outdoorsy person before, this shouldn’t stop. Ease yourself in slowly by just taking a walk in your local park or forest. Put away that phone, and look up at the trees. Turn off that iPod and listen to the sounds of nature. As you grown in confidence, head further afield. Challenge yourself to climb a mountain, or swim in the open sea. This way, not only are you out in the fresh and healthy air, but you are also giving yourself a challenge. This kind of motivation- and then the subsequent feeling of euphoria and pride when you finish? These things too can help with self-recovery, whatever kind of recovery it is that you need.


Consider Rehab

If you are one of the many people who consider rehabilitation centers and clinics as scary places, you are not alone. However, in 2016, this is simply no longer true. Today, they are something very different. Most of all, they are versatile to your needs. If you want 24-hour support, you can find it. But if you want more independence, and to make some of your own rules? You can find that too. If you need drug addiction help, you are not the first person, and you are not alone. Likewise for if your addiction is to sex, drugs, gambling, shopping or something else. A negative environment for you if you are struggling with addiction is one where you aren’t getting any help or support. A positive environment that promotes safe and long-lasting recovery is what you need. Rehab can provide exactly this.


Do up your Home

Lastly, consider your home. Ask yourself these questions? Do you love being at home, and are you fond of the decorations, layout, and belongings inside? Do you feel safe in your home? This might be from burglary, home invasion, mold, debt collectors and other such things? Finally, is your home a positive environment, filled with feelings of love, safety and nurturing? If the answer to any of these three questions is anything less than a resounding no, take note. Your home should be your sanctuary from the world. If it isn’t, you shouldn’t accept that.


Find ways to make your home a more positive environment. That way, you have yet another place for that self-recovery to happen. Feeling unsafe? Fit new locks on your doors? Feeling isolated? Invite some friends over for a dinner party? Feeling disillusioned with the decor? Set a weekend aside to update and upgrade! Although small changes, they can make big differences to your home’s environment and influence on you.

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