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Power Up! Transform From Tech Geek To Business Genius

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So, you have the skills you need to be a leader in the industry. There’s no-one with code skills quite like you. You think it’s time to start seeing a bit more in return for your labour and strike off on your own. But it takes more than mad software development skills to make it in the industry. You have to become a real business leader. How do you do that?

Know the market

If you’re still within a company, then take the opportunity to get a close look at the market. Understand the kinds of needs that clients present and how the business tends to win those leads. Organizations like Mrs.org.uk can help you better identify and understand the market that you’re attempting to target in your own niche, as well. You might be the solutions provider, but you have to make sure that you’re providing solutions to problems that actually exist and that the market actually cares about.


Don’t go it alone

Starting a business isn’t easy, either. Finding qualified leads and finding opportunities to spread your brand are just two areas where a slow start can be seriously harmful to the business. But if you go it alone, that’s what you’re most likely to be looking for. Take the time to build some connections in the industry by getting in touch directly or by meeting them at trade shows and networking events. A support network that can help alert you to opportunities for lead building, for cross-promotion and even for plain old advice can help you get over many of the bumps in the business.



Don’t forget you’re running a business

When you’re setting up a business, you can’t prioritize just on what you’re trying to do for your clients. As Urbangeekz.com says, you have to remember the pillars that support the business as well. Essentials like treating your employees well and helping them understand and fulfill their roles. Essentials like creating a brand that helps you stand apart. Essentials like recognizing risks to the business and preparing some protections in advance. Even the best services can be undermined by a business model that can barely support itself.

Learn the value of soft skills

You have to develop as a person if you want to succeed as a leader, as well. Soft skills aren’t just important for hiring the right people. They’re important in every single position in the business, including yours. Do you have the honesty to tell it like it is to both clients and employees? Are you personally a dependable person? Will you be able to set reasonable goals not just for the business but for each individual employee? The best leaders are on a constant quest of self-development. That’s what true success looks like.


At the end of the day, your skills within your field are going to be the main component of your success. But they won’t get the chance to shine unless you develop as a leader. Don’t take any steps you’re not ready to.

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