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How to Prepare and Pack For Your First Active Holiday

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There’s nothing wrong with jetting off to a sunny destination and spending a week relaxing on the beach, nothing wrong at all. Some people, however, find that it doesn’t offer enough by way of excitement, and begin looking at what other types of holidays are available. More people than ever are taking ‘active holidays’, by which they visit a destination for its recreation, and engage in skiing, hiking, surfing, or any other outdoor activity. Below, we’ve put together a guide on how you can prepare for your first holiday of this type. It’s not always as straightforward as a regular old getaway, so usually needs some extra preparation and packing for your first holiday!

#1: Get into Training

You might be fairly active in your regular life, but think about it: you’re about to go somewhere for a week or more and be engaged in activity every single day. As such, it’s important that you prepare your body for what’s ahead. If you’re able to do the activity where you live, then slowly increase the number of times you do it each week until your body is ready to handle anything. If you can’t, then simulate the activity in the gym.


#2: Limbering Up

Some activities can take it the energy out of you while you’re doing it, but more often than not, it’s the following day when you really feel the effects. If you’ve ever been cross-country skiing, you’ll know it can feel all nice and peaceful at the time; the next day, all your muscles hurt and you need a day of rest. But who wants a day of rest when they’re away from home? To prevent muscle soreness, make sure you have a solid stretching routine for before and after the activity.



#3: Wear What the Locals Wear

If you’ve never been away on an active holiday, then you’re probably unsure what exactly you should be packing. The key is to dress as the locals do; if they live there and it’s good enough for them, it’ll be good enough for you. For example, for a surfing trip in Australia, it’ll be all about the Billabong gear. If you’re planning to go skiing in Colorado, then those warm ski trousers and jackets – and maybe a colorful, zany hat – will make you fit right in. It’s rarely a fashion, just making sure you have the right gear for the activity.


#4: Plan a Day of Rest

Now, we know that the last you’ll want to do when you land is sit down; you’ll want to get out there and do what you want there for! However, traveling can make your body tired, and when it comes to skiing or surfing, that can mean danger. Plan a day of rest, and you’ll be able to do your activity to the best of your ability, and safely.

#5: On the Return Home

And you should also plan a day of rest or two for after your return. Your body is going to be tired, and you don’t want to slug your way through work!

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