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The Professional Checklist Of Kids’ Ski Racing Gears For Your Racer

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If you have the little Speedy Gonzalez or the kids who are into aggressive downhill ski racing, then you need to be sure about that you have got them properly protected before they hit the games. You will have peace of mind during the race, if you find the right ski racing gear for your kids. In this way your kids will be well equipped and prepared to truly, get, set, go!

Checklist of kids’ ski racing gear essentials every child needs are:

For a typical Giant Slalom Race, you must invest in the following items:-


#1: Helmets:

You need to choose a helmet that can withstand heavy impact. Normally, liners of helmets tend to get dented with one or two strong impact situations. Some hard helmets are also there that may not be well equipped to shield your child whiplash or head injuries. While choosing the helmets look for the ones that are molded properly, meet proper certification standards, and also have a good energy absorption properties.


#2: Gloves:

It is important to keep your child’s hands protected as they race through the gates. Pick gloves that offer padded hand and knuckle protection and have a per-curved fit, for racing purposes.


#3: Slalom Chin Guard Protector And Shin Guards:

Be sure that you choose high impact resistant plastic guards that are molded for comfort. Good quality guards can easily last a few seasons.

#4: GS Race Suit:

Building race suit in protective padding is an important feature to insulate your child from hard falls. All GS suits come with forearm, upper arm, thigh, and knee pads. It also have a thumb anchor that keeps sleeves from sliding.


#5: Pants:

You must get full zip pants or training pants that zip into shorts so that your kids will stay warm in between races.

#6: Goggles:

A pair of good quality goggles completes the kid’s racing gear. You must choose a pair that has the right percentage of VLT (Visible Light Transmitted). Clear lenses have a higher percentage of VLT than darker lenses. However, this percentage really depends on skiing conditions. Usually an amber lens works in all conditions. The types of goggle straps available with the piece should also be considered. Make it a point that your child tries out the pair of size and comfort.


#7: Boots:

The right pair of boots is an absolute must for aggressive racers. Boots with 2 or 3 buckles is fine for smaller children. Older children who all are advanced skiers can opt for boots with 4 buckles. Make sure that kids can flex their feet after wearing their boots as it is important to develop good racing technique.

#8: Ski Gear: Rent or Buy?

It is usually more convenient to own gear, renting and season-long leasing are both smart options for kids. Consider renting if you are just starting. Ask your local ski area or rental shop about a season-long lease for skis, boots, poles and even helmets (generally such packages can be found for reasonable price). If your child outgrows any of the gear, the best programs will allow you to trade-up in size. Another advantage of leasing or renting is that you usually get state-of-the-art gear that is tuned, waxed and ready to go. Ski Racer can also help you out regarding this matter.

Most kids can get 2 seasons out of skis, boots and poles. If you have a child who is enthusiastically involved in the sport or if you plan on handling down the gear to another child, it makes financial sense to buy gear.

Your child is sure to feel their adrenaline rush while on the mountains, with their complete suite of kids’ ski racing gear. And the best part is that they will be safe and comfortable while you will have a peace of mind!

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