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How To Promote Your Business In The New Real World

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It is no longer valid to say that the virtual world is less real than the physical world we live in. Some people spend more time in a virtual world than they do in their ‘real’ lives. That world is more real for them than anything conjured up by the TV, daily commute or real life interactions. We live in a world where people are employed by others they never actually meet. People socialize virtually and increasingly we do business virtually.

Therefore, any business that wants to succeed must combine both virtual and physical environments. It is no longer an option not to have a website. It is no longer an option not to get out there and interact with your customers. A successful business event is a personal connection on both levels. Combining the two is the way forward for every business. Welcome to the new real world.

Customers are not virtual.

It might come as a bit of a shock, but customers are not creations of your imagination. They exist as real people with likes dislikes, foibles and desires.They live, breathe, think and make choices. Doesn’t it make sense to get to know them?The answer of course is ‘yes’, absolutely. One of the best things you can do for your business is to understand, meet and greet your customers. That can happen online, and it can happen in real life. In the perfect world, it should happen in both.



Customers in the physical world.

Real people live in defined places. They go to work and try and find a balance in their lives. They might raise families, have relatives, own or rent houses and have hobbies. If they have spare income they might choose to spend it on satisfying their needs and desires. They will need to eat and want to enjoy themselves. They might have any number of needs, in this ‘real’ world.

Your role is to identify what your client or customer wants. You must know where they go and how they spend their hard earned money. You will try and interest them in what you have to offer. You, therefore, will need to be in the places they are looking, living and trying somehow to make things work. Knowing your customer in the real world is vital. This is true even if you are selling virtual reality like a dating game or an online service. Behind those very visual demands lie real people. And your job is to find them.


You must not only find them you must connect with them. Where do they congregate? Go there. Malls, student centres, surf cities, gambling rooms, hotels, motels or campsites and garden centres. Track them down. Be one of them. Mix with them, appeal to them and talk to them. Above all talk to them. Get them interested in the wider topic. You know what you are selling. Nothing sells like personal interest and connections.

Get on their wavelength which hopefully should be close to your own and share. Share your tips for success, share your gifts and the amazing gizmos and life changing gadgets that you have come up with. Let them try it out, play with it and share the love of your passion. Connect physically at trade fairs and annual events. Get out there and erect marquees emblazoned with your logo and insignia. Get the best company you can to work with your artwork and create any promotional items you need. Talk to Dynamic Gift about how they can help you really make a professional impression.


Work the real world

Even if your product is totally IT and virtual, get out there and walk the walk. Meet and greet and let people know who you are and what you do. In spite of everything virtual people long for a connection and the sharing of interests. People love to talk and communicate. People and that means real customers, are there waiting for you to make connections and share your interest with them. Give them information that is helpful to their real lives, Even if that life is 50% virtual.

Customers in the virtual world

Because you know these are real people, talking to your customers virtually is going to be easy. You know where they are physically so tracking them down online will be a simple process. People, after all, are drawn to what attracts them. That is where you go now. Better than that, switch your ‘virtual’ light on and give your customers somewhere to go, hang out and play. Play? Absolutely yes.

Give people the right reason and they will be happy to do anything that seems like a good suggestion. Create a website where people will want to spend time. Give them information that is useful and interesting and they will talk and exchange ideas, likes and dislikes. Get to know their problems and you will have discovered business gold; you will be able to provide a solution.

Attract traffic with relevant content. Attract customers with interesting articles and offers that you know are going to appeal to them. Encourage that feeling of loyalty and bond with them. Share. Relationships, every single one of them is based on sharing! The mutual exchange of confidences and the sharing of troubles. Connect through social media. Be relevant, interesting, funny and appropriate.

Direct your blog to these people. Their attention spans are short but they are all looking for value. We all are. They are no different from you. Everyone wants to meet someone who relates to them. We all want someone who flatters us and who understands our predicaments and our problems. We all want solutions whether it is haircuts, tech, fashion, food or lifestyle. You are offering the perfect resolution. If you get that right you will make a success of your business. If you do not, then you have offered the wrong solution to a problem that does not exist.


Promoting your business in the real world is easy! That real world is a combination of virtual and physical. The percentages have altered and they may well change depending on your business. But being aware of it and acting on it will never change, That is where you should be and what your business should be doing. Now. today and all the time.

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